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I have a cunning plan

As we were away for Christmas, we don't have lots of unhealthy food hanging around.

So, today I am resuming my calorie controlled diet. I am aiming for half a pound a week, 20+ pounds in total. I'm also going back to the gym today.

Later, I will be going through all my seed catalogue and ordering my seed potatoes and seeds for the allotment.

Here's to a healthy, slimmer, fitter and wonderful 2013.

Lynne xx

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Hi Lnne

I've done something similar but I'm hoping for a 1lb a week loss. I find Calorie counting the only way to achieve it and I have to weigh and log everything! I'm missing swimming but still going to the gym although I'm not sure the rowing and weights actually burns off any calories. The machines tell me I am but I'm not convinced!

Good luck!

Marie x

Hi Lnne,you sound so upbeat aqnd positive,I'm sure you will meet your goal!! Heres to a new Lnn in 2013!!

Good luck too, with the gardening,sounds as if you will have plenty to keep you busy!

Happy ,healthy New Year to you,

Love Wendells xxx

Hi Lynn

Good luck and well done with the gardening, I seem to have no energy at all, in the New year I am going to go swimming twice a week to see if I can get some strength and energy back

Weightloss ...... Im going to try and do the same tho I will be aiming rather lower, Id like to loose 8lb in the next 6 months. Ive managed to lose 11 lbs in the last year and it has stayed off! (Iv e found if I lose it too quickly I just put it straight back on). Let us know how you get on.


Hi Lynne,

good luck with you new diet, and don't forget to get on your treadmill when your at the gym,

rose xxx

Hi Rose. I went to the gym today and did 30 minutes on the treadmill at 3.5 mph. Also, 15 minutes on the bike.

Lynne xx

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