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Hi everyone, new reader to this site. Little bit about me. An-ex coal miner in the South Wales pits for 24 years diagnosed in 1996 with pneuomonicosis (miners lung disease), In 2009 they found a tumour in my left lung and promply removed half of the lung but was left cancer free, but discovered that I had pulmonary fibrosis, been on oxygen24/7 since then 2ml at first but now on 4ml resting and they say ha ha ha 6ml when active,from a Welsh nurse with a sense of humour, but cant blow a candle out My blessings are far in front of the above , wonderful wife, wonderful daughter and son. smashing granddaughter and 3 brawny grandsons who would shift heaven and earth for their Nan and Grampi. My wife and I are truly blessed.Am now in my 77th year no regrets, no grumbles accepted what i have and am truly,truly grateful for my loved ones.

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Hi Trev, sorry to hear your decline with your breathing. But so uplifting to hear you say that you have no regrets and the blessings you have in your wonderful family!

My husband was a coal miner most of his working life. Thankfully he seems to have healthy lungs, I am not so lucky but am grateful, like you to have my wonderful family.


Its a pleasure to meet you Trev, A very Happy New Year to you and your Family :) xxx


What a lovely outlook you have Trev.Welcome on board

Richard Cornish



Nice to hear ypu have a lovely family, just remember you have great support from your nearest and dearest and here also.

You still have manny a happy year infront of you so keep up the god work.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

David 1968


Hello and welcome trevbtn.


Hi Trev and welcome to the site. I envy you your wonderful family. They are obviously a credit to you and your wife upbringing. Thats whats makes you rich in life isn't it?

You can live for many years on oxygen - you will get to your 100th birthday yet! :)

Bev x


Hello and welcome Trevbtn - what a loverly and up lifting post and what a fantastic family you have and you can tell by your post how proud you are of them all. A happy new year to you and your family. BBx


Hi Trev, what a lovely post to read at breakfast time on a dark miserable day! Your wonderful family are a credit to you, take care and keep breathing and posting, Carol,x


Hi Trev. As someone else living in the Valley's a warm welcome to you. Nice to see you still have a sense of humour, as that is after all what gets us through the bad days:-)


Welcome Trev from a fellow Cardiffian,

You are as you say so blessed to have a caring family and likewise they are lucky to have you. So many of todays society see their families as a burden or a never ending money pot. Many of us are like you lucky to have a caring family - though sadly it appears that others here are not so fortunate.

Carry on blogging and your positivity will certainly help others :-)

Take care




the stoicism of the years in the mining industry have clearly stayed with you ,I am from South Wales mining family myself ,father and three brothers in the pits ,Llanbradach,Penellta, and Brittiana ,I never did myself . My father also had pneuomonicious and died very young (57) murdered by the coal board.

Welcome to the site look forward to hearing more from you

Woody an ex Maesycwmmer boy.


hi trev,

welcome to the site,everyone is so kind and understanding.

i have a very loving family and husband, we have been married 45yrs on 6th jan which is also my birthday.

but i will be thinking of you and many others.

love Jan x


Hi Trev welcome to this site and all the lovely people here. How lucky you are to have such a wonderful family around you. Best wishes for 2013.


TO ALL YOU LOVELY PEOPLE. Thanks for your comments and kind words.

FRom Trev and his families i extend to you and you families A VERY HEALTHY NEW YEAR, cos with our HEALTH we will be HAPPY and with HEALTH and HAPPINESS prosperity will follow.



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