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Hello everyone and happy Christmas to all of you.

Well today has been awful! Woke up this morning feeling a bit chesty and the feeling of being exhausted and a run over feeling.

I pulled myself together for my 16 yr old daughters sake and my elderly parents who are staying for a few days...not easy in itself as dad has dementia.

I did a cheats dinner..cooked the turkey last night and prepared all veg and cooked stuffing, swede and bread sauce to then be reheated. I also used Aunt Bessie's potatoes and parsnips!

As I had a fundoplication 2 yrs ago I can't eat anyway so everyone sat down to their dinner at 3pm. I don't mind saying I felt terrible. I had my nebuliser which helped a bit to breath.

We continued with presents until 5pm, then my daughter cleared everything up and did a quick tidy for me.

Now I feel terrible, hot cheeks, shivers, short of breath, headache etc and no it's not manful!!! I never complain about feeling rough or in pain as with my other conditions I'm very much used to it. I'm now clapped out in bed while the others party downstairs! How typical for this ( whatever it is ) to surface today! I've tried to be happy and jolly but it's not really worked :(

I hope everyone's day has been better than mine.

Here's to a healthy new year to us all. I don't know about 39 I feel 99!

Mike x

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A healthy New Year to you too. A bit chesty myself today. Too much food I reckon ! :)


So sorry to hear you're not feeling very well Mike :( you too Puff.

Fingers crossed you've not got an infection Mike, there's a lot of it about just now. My son-in-law spent today in bed (we think he's got flu) and he's NEVER ill !

I hope you're much improved in the next couple of days. To h*ll with Christmas, it can be celebrated when you're better :)


Hi Mike. Congratulations on making such a well thought out dinner!! So sorry you coulden't enjoy it that much.Hope things pick up soon.

Mike I noticed what you said about the fundoplacation.I also had that done a few years ago.First attempt had to be redone a few months later.However I eat what I like,and no effects,it worries me that you said you cant eat much,maybe that means having it checked out again, as I did.

I'm sure the family will appreciate what you did,maybe you can join in a New years eve celebration,hopefully you are better by then,

Heres to a good 2013 for you,big hugs Wendells xxx


Hi Wendells, thank you for your lovely words.

The fundoplication is fine, I've had it checked twice but I had to have a full wrap and then it wrapped half way round again thus making swallowing hard, I even have to be careful not to gulp a drink! It was either that or keep throwing up amazing amounts of acid which was destroying my throat, teeth and tongue....yes it was that bad! I don't mind I lost 3 stone within 2 weeks!!

I don't celebrate New Year's Eve but I've a friend coming over this year on NYE this year so I may be forced to do something this year!

Yes the thought out dinner is so easy to do, no pressure, no timings and its ready in 35 mins, I know it's cheating but there you go!

Happy new year to you too, may it be a healthy one for you


Mike xxx


Hi Mike

My husband cooked christmas day lunch and also washed up, which was so nice doing nothing, today i thought i had a cold coming but as usual a good bit of fresh air will be good for it, so my dogs went for a walk, alas not long after i arrived home the sneezing and coughing started, yes ihave a cold which is very unsual for me, but since devoping Bronchiectasis my chestis weak, i always have a packet of antibotic in stock so far so good.

i have a wonderful husband, we have been married 45yrs on 6th Jan on my birthday, so no excuse for forgetting it.

if hubby hadnt cooked dinner it would be same for me these wonderful frozen foods are superb.

well everyone a Very Happy New Year to you all

love Jan x


Bless you Jan, hope you feel better soon. I still feel rotten but no idea what is, certainly not a cold or flu. No point going to my useless GP she'll just say its a virus!!

Being a single parent and having the elderly parents round, dad is such hard work with the dementia, if Aunt Bessie wasn't there then there's no way I could of done the whole meal but everyone loved it so I patted myself on the back haha.

Happy New Year

Mike x


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