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Hi Everyone

Went to bed at 3am this morning, finnished putting out the kids presents.

12year old and 9year old up nice and early 7:30am going mad.

Wonderfull day, had the in laws down for dinner, wife laid on another fantastic Christmas spread.

Not seen the boys for 4 hours now, in their room XboX games DS games DVD movies.

Sitting relaxing and chilling out, very tired. This dam cold thing is passing very slowly, very dry irratant cough feels like it's in my chest.

I will give it a few days and see how it goes..

Wishing you all a lovely festive period time.

All the best and thinking of you all.


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Best to you and yours too. :)


Glad you had a good day Dave, despite the cough :) and congratulations to your wife for providing the necessaries for all of you *applauds*


Glad you had a good time David and that the kids enjoyed it too.

We are in the Lakes for Christmas and its been lovely. Feeling pretty good too :)

Enjoy the rest of Christmas.

Lynne xx


I am really glad you had good xmas David. Christmas is about kids isn't it?

Bev x


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