advice needed please

advice needed please

i was only diagnosed mild-moderate copd in july , after bronchitis , was in totaly different home , thanks to your advice , i got moved by the council , yes sucsess , but we moved in on the 17th dec, and place was full paint fumes, anyway , had to go to gp, on last thursday, who thought i had the begining of a infection, i am on amoxcilin and some other antibioytic together, ive found myself very nervous, have lot of trouble getting up phlegm, this is scary and tiring , its all new to me , i gave up smoking 10yrs ago, now find i,m scared a lot, of copd, i feel such a wimp, is all this usual , whats the routine for seeing gp or is it grin and bare it , sorry to moan love jude aka banner o i,m 66

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  • Hello Jude :)

    Nobody here is going to think you're a wimp for being scared as we've all been there :) It's certainly not unusual. There is nothing more scary than thinking you are breathing your last breath. I'm happy to say, though, that the scary feeling does pass with time and the proper breathing technique. Were you diagnosed by a respiratory specialist at the hospital or by your GP ? If it was your GP then I would advise asking him for a referral to the respiratory specialist at your local hospital.

    A good way of getting up the phlegm is to take a 3 or 4 normal (for us, anyway) breaths, then follow that with 2 or 3 really deep breaths (or as deep as you can manage) As soon as you've taken the 3rd deep breath try to take in a little more air then blow out quickly (with your mouth open) and make a 'huff' sound. If you cough straight after the huff and get phlegm then that's good. If not, try the technique 2 or 3 more times. It may surprise you as to how effective it can be.

    Next time you are feeling a little scared hurry on over here as there's always someone around willing and able to offer help.

    All the best and a very merry Christmas to you.

  • My doctor, and some others on here, get given Prednisolone ( a steroid ) as well as antibiotics for an infection. Also Mucodyne for help in breaking up phlegm making it easier to shift. It doesn't work for everyone though. Also ask your doctor about Pulmonary Rehab. Exercise is one of the best things for COPD.

    Have you seen a pulmonary consultant yet ?

    Well done for giving up smoking.

  • Crossed posts with elian. This seems to be getting a habit of mine ! :)

  • You can cross my posts anytime Puff ;) lol ......

  • Lol :)

  • Hi Jude, first of all, paint fumes are bad for kicking off an infection, it makes me really ill.Have you been referred to rehabilitation classes? if not, do ask your gp to refer you. They teach you how to clear phlegm, and how to tummy breathe and loads of useful things. Also look for a breathe easy class in your local area. you meet people like yourself, and share tips for staying healthy etc.It is scary and tiring trying to cope, but once you learn to manage your condition, it helps a lot. If you get severe anxiety, the gp will help too. And you can always phone theBLF helpline after the holiday, they are really good at answering your questions. You are not a wimp, and no, dont grin and bare it.Ask questions, learn about your condition, and make suggestions to your gp about what you would it stand by antibiotics, or rehab. Sometimes we have to fight to be heard, so dont let anyone fob you off.Hope this has helped a little, ask any questions on here and someone will answer, we are all in the same boat. :) Best wishes, Ingrid.

  • Hi Jude, sorry you're feeling poorly and scared. It's very common to feel anxious with copd, I suffer from it terribly at times. I also

    used to have major problems trying to get phlegm up, I never have been able to get it past my throat. After I was prescribed carbosisteine, a mucolytic, my life improved a lot, it thins the mucus so it dissipates more naturally. You don't say if your normally have a lot of phlegm or whether it's just because you have an infection, if it's just temporary, then maybe the doc won't prescribe it. You've just gone through an extremely stressful process, moving home, plus at a time of year that can be stressful in itself. It's often when the move (or other stressful situation) is over that the anxiety sets it. You're probably thinking you've got a lot to do and how are you going to be able to do it. As soon as you feel those anxiety "pangs" try dropping your shoulders, breath slowly in through the nose to the count of two and slowly out through the mouth to the count of four. This helps me no end. This is different to the method Elian (above) has described as it isn't for clearing phlegm, it's just for anxiety. Hope you are feeling a bit better and more settled soon. Try not to dwell on tasks ahead, just take each hour as it comes and do a little bit at a time, if you feel you are getting breathless, stop immediately and do the breathing as above. Everyone on here is very helpful and you needn't feel alone. Best wishes. Libby

  • Oh Libby, what great advice!! When I started to get panic attacks,it was dreadful,I thought I'd had it! Anyway was taught just as you said,so whenever I feel like that(happily not so often now) I sit on the side of my bed,where there is a big mirror,and can see for myself, the shoulders dropping down(amazing how hunched up they were) and can see I'm breathing properly) If I was out somewhere,and could feel the panic rising, I'd head for the toilets,and sit there till my breathing was under control!! Hope this makes sense!

    Glad to see Jude,you are getting some answers,

    Happy 2013 to the both of you, Hugs Wendells xxx

  • your no wimp i had this happen to me in partner painted our back door with outside paint and i ended up in ambulance on way to hospital with him in a panick they thoughti was haveing heart attacks and used the emengency lights etc to get me to A and E.i had .had a pannick attack...and my god (was it a panick) so dont ever worry...your not on your own.x

  • oh i,m in tears here, lump in my throat[ no not copd grin] your kindness is overwhelming, no only ones i have seen are gps, the last where we were then living , just , rolled off a sheet from her comp , and handed it to me, as soon as i saw "end of life stage" i panicked , grin, i have had a spirometer test, but nothing else ,But , the gp we have now, seems much more up to date, and i tried to be brave [not very good at speaking up have lived for yrs with hubby who has angers probs]i did mention mucolyte?? as i read this in a book i read, he said yes we will probaly try that. Feel bit more me, today , had no idea paint fumes can cause a infection, , no one told me, and they were in every room including bedroom,Please , may i thank you all, your lovely, each of you,ok, trying to be brave " i,m a lion hear me roar"...cough cough , grin love to you all jude xx

  • Jude a bowl of water left near the new paint will help absorbe the smell, also a raw oinion choped up and left will help with your breathing and the smell of paint. your no wimp, you are a manager and you can manage this, take it easy and always have a glass of water near to sip it keeps the phlegm soft and less gluey and it comes up easier.

    another name for COPE "Can Only Plan Daily" You gave up smoking think of the little childern out there you have helped you done that you can do this. we are always hear xx

  • Don't let COPD rule you. You rule it !

  • Relaxation breathing exercises are so easy and instantly relieve the symptoms of panic. Also great as you can do them anywhere - on the move, at home etc etc. Lizzie

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