Have just joined the forum, thought I 'd let you know my back ground

Hi, my name is Dave, I am 61 years young and still working as a self employed Auto locksmith of 35 years.

I am new to this forum, but you all seem to be like minded people

To give you some background, I have lost a one lung to a cancerous tumour back in 2003 and since then the doctors and consultants have tried to keep me breathing.

What they kept from me until things were getting bad was the that I had asthma from back in the eighties which I took a preventer inhaler regularly BUT it was the emphysema in my right lung which was the problem, apparently at that time I was diagnosed with COPD

Life has its ups and downs like you all, but during the summer months I am plagued with chest infections and the steroids and anti-biotics are the only thing that keep me going, the winters are great because they kill the infections (that's my theory anyhow)

The last spiro I had the nurse had to stop it because I having a asthma attack (good job I know them at the surgery)

Now you know a little about me, I will continue to post on this site with a little help from my friends (6 little red tablets every morning)


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  • Hello Dave and a very warm welcome to the site :)

    I'm sure you'll enjoy being here and 'meeting' everyone.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours all the best for 2013.

  • Welcome Dave, lots of information on the site, many people with varying lung problems here.

    All good wishes to you at Christmas and throughout the coming year.

  • Hello Dave and welcome.

    Hope you have a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year. xxxx

  • Welcome, Dave. You will be meeting a lot of people with different lung conditions - I'm a brocho plus asthma. Frequent lung infections - always on atibiotics - wear and tear at my time of life. Love Annie x

  • Hi Dave

    Welcome to the site. Not all of us post things but there must be loads of us who enjoy reading other peoples. I have emphysema and am at present waiting to hear from Papworth about a lung transplant. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and 2013 bring better health to all of us.



  • Hi Dave, welcome to the site. There are lots of helpful blogs, and lots of good people here, all with lung problems, or carers, and all try to help. Hope you have a nice Christmas.And a healthy new year.


  • Welcome Dave, good to have you on board x x

  • Welcome Dave, Happy Christmas x

  • Hi Dave and welcome. I'm Dave too and 62. I have severe emphysema but that's all so I count myself as not too bad off.

  • Hi Dave, welcome!! Have a great xmas, Wendells xx

  • Hi Dave, lovely to meet you! There are sufferers of all kinds of lung problems, as well as their carers. It's a great place and very friendly and helpful. Hope you are having a great Christmas,

    Jude xx

  • Hi Dave, thanks for your post. Welcome to the forum, I am sure you will get comfort from it from time to to time. I haven't "belonged" for very long, but have already found it very helpful. Lung disease seems to be something people just don't understand unless they have it, they just don't realise what a struggle life can be just trying to accomplish the smallest things. Typing on a laptop/computer is one of the things we can all do without gasping for breath, so make sure you come back! There is nothing you can ask or say that is unimportant to the rest of us. All the very best for Christmas and the New Year. Libby x

  • welcome David, your not alone in here as they are great bunch for advising, happy new year x

  • Hi Dave, I only joined a short while ago, and ave already learned some good tips, I'm sure you will enjoy reading others blogs and questions to help with if you can, Happy new year! Katie x

  • Hi Dave hope you had a happy Christmas and looking forward to new year, welcome to the site, hope to hear more from you in future

  • Hi Dave I hope your Christmas was happy and the New Year brings you easy breathing,peace and love,Carol x :)

  • Hi David

    I just joined the site a few weeks ago. I find it very helpfull and the members are very supportive.

  • welcome david i not on here all the time but do like to come on when i can..every body on here is great .and been a great help to me..just like to say HAPPY. NEW. YEAR..to you and any body. who reads your post..

  • welcome david i not on here all the time but do like to come on when i can..every body on here is great .and been a great help to me..just like to say HAPPY. NEW. YEAR..to you and any body. who reads your post..

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