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Pulmonary Rehab

Just recently started on my P.R. course and have met some lovely people as well as the staff. Am really pinning all my hopes on this course to enable me to have a better quality of life and to learn to enjoy it again. Ive not smoked since April but to be honest not one day goes by when I dont want one and I really do struggle, but am determined not to give in, am sure it is bound to get easier! I have learnt a lot from this site and tho I dont always contribute I do enjoy reading the blogs and questions regularly. I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a Happier and better New Year, Luv Lorraine xxx

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Hi Lorraine, if you apply everything you learn on the PR course and continue with regular exercise (never stop doing that), stay smoke free, eat a good diet, take your meds as prescribed, act quickly if you get a lung infection, get your annual flu jab, avoid wherever possible people who may be infected with a cold or the flu, You Will maximise your probabilities of having a better quality of life.

Well done for staying smoke free since April and so glad your PR experience is proving to be an enjoyable experience for you.

All good wishes to you and all at Christmas time and throughout the New Year.

All good wishes

Auntymary xx

Hi Lorraine,so glad you enjoyed the pr course, that will definetely improve your life.Congrats. on not smoking since April,thats a great effort for someone whom misses it!! It will get easier,I gave up years ago,however I smoked because I enjoyed it,took quite a few effortsof things that didin't work,till someone made the remark, that you just dont put it in your mouth!! Every time I was tempted I heard those words,and it worked for me.However I can relate to still craving one on the odd occassion,but of course that was only psychological,not a true craving, and am so pleased I never gave into it.One of the best things, was saving that money,and buying something I couldent afford normally.So stay strong!

Happy xmas,& a happy & healthier New Year.Wendells xxx

Hi everyone, well done Lorraine for not smoking since April, it does get easier, the only thing i find with not smoking is bouts of feeling low even though my breathing is much better,I have been stopped for 5 years and would never start again, I don't know if anyone else feels that way, hope you all stay well over the xmas and new year.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year


Thankyou all so much for your comments, do hope that youre all having a lovely christmas. We are having our christmas day today as my husband had to work all day yesterday so our christmas dinner is cooking and we have opened all our presents, just a really lovely day! Luv to you all Lorraine xxx

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