Trying not get captured over xmas :-(

Asthma still really bad on max meds,steroids and antibs and 10 puffs of reliever as a neb.

Been walkin centre and had double nebs and oxygen and still struggling so doc rang me at home see how I am. Said can take 10 puffs every 3 hours now of easyhaler 200mg with all my max meds over xmas but got go hospital if carnt go 3 hours.Said got dort out getting a home neb and get my doc or asthma team give me nebules.

To puffed so on sofa so just got see and hope get through xmas with family meals and parties most days but can go rest on their beds if need to or come home.To puffed walk and talk but in medical contact over xmas with out of hours doc and AnE up the road.

so a waiting game now and on steroids .

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  • Lets hope having family around will perk you up a bit.

  • Blimey Airbags your making me feel a picture of health, all I can say is I'll be thinking of you and I hope you have a good Christmas. At least you seem to have everything organised and help is near by. Good luck and try to stay as relaxed as possible.

  • Oh Airbags hope you not feeling too bad to enjoy the festive season. Keep your pecker up.

    Bev xx

  • Thinking of you airbags, hope your on the mend, did anything bring this on? Hope your resting, I can't sleep at the moment, I'm ok, got heartburn. Nite nite x

  • awake hypo on salbutamol multidoses.

    been 10 days and no better.will rest up all day and got house full xmas eve.sons for xmas dinner them boxing day me cooking for 8 if dont get captured first.just going rel

    ax and get family help out.just need rest and carnt hardly talk .to puffed walk or eat.


  • Hope you have a great xmas airbags,sorrry things aren't so good at the moment,try to relax and enjoy yourself.Cooking for 8? hope you get some help there!!

    Cheers Wendells xx

  • Hoping you start feeling better very soon. Get as much help as you can when cooking and rest as much as possible, enjoy the company. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas, Richard

  • Thank you everyone.

    Have a lovely Christmas xxx

  • A much healthier and more peaceful NY. I hope that "things" can be done to alleviate your symptoms, at least to make them less severe. Thinking of you, love Anne80 xx

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