FUNNY Christmas Cake!!

1 cup of water,1 tsp. baking powder,1 cup of sugar,1tsp salt,1 cup of brown sugar,lemon juice,4 large eggs,lots of nuts,1 bottle of vodka,2 cups of dried fruit.

Sample vodka to check quality.Take a large bowl,check vodka again.To be sure its a good quality,pour one level cup & drink.

Repeat.Beat butter+1 sugar in mixer.beat again.At this point its best to make sure the vodka is shtill ok.Try another cup & turn off mixer.Break 2 leggs,add to bowel,chuck in dried fruit,pick fruit off the floor,mix on the turner.If fruit gets stuck in beaterers,pry loose with sdrewscriver,sample vodka to check on tonsisticity.Next shift 2 cups of salt or something,who careshz.check the vodka.Now hift the lemon juice & strain your nuts.Add`one table,add aspoon of sugar,or somefink. Greash the oven.turn the cake tin 360 degrees & try not to fall over.Dont forget to beat off the turner.

Finally,throw the bowl through the window,finish the vodka.Fall into bed.


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  • Love it! Hilarious! Thank you very much Wendells. (I see you don't sleep, like me!) Libby c

  • Hi Libby, glad you enjoyed it, we all need a bit of light entertainment dont we?

    I do have probs. with getting to sleep at times,but the reason for my 'odd hours' is because I am in Australia,and we are about 9 hours ahead of you!

    Sleep tight tonight! Wendells xx

  • I wonder how many people will use that recipé ? :)

  • Fantastic. I may just try that! :-)

    Very "Merry" Christmas to you.

    Ells x

  • Heehee Wendells,thats a cracker!! shooper rechipee!!!! A Merry Christmas to you too,cheers!!!

  • That's a great one!

    Lynne xx

  • Cherry Mistmas Wendells! I am just off the the Kitchen to try this one! Carol,x

  • its best to use fresh fruit if you can..................

  • Absolutely great, it made me laugh. Best wishes for a lovely Christmas.

  • Hi Wendells, best recipe for a Christmas cake I have ever seen. I don't really like cake but would give this one a go. :-D :-D

    polly xx

  • Thanks everyone for the comments.You all made me smile too!

    Happy Xmas to you all,and be careful whats in the xmas cake you eat lol! xxxx

  • Loved it - love Annie80

  • Very funny!!!!!! just what i needed thank you!!!!!!!

  • I have tried your recipe and all went fine,but I awoke this morning and can't find the bl...y

    twistmas cake

  • Loved it!! x

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