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Why do you restrict messages to group members only, if it could help all ????

In my email box was message from cofdrop " cure for all".

We are all looking for a cure and clutch at straws.I tried to open up the blog was unable to as it was restricted to group members only.

Is there a reason why members are restricted to blogs from other members whosse purpose is to pass on help and hope to all ?As it says in the Question Help box" Be in the spirit of the site: to share , inform and support"

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It is up to the individual if they wish to post a message to 'group members only' or keep it open to public view. It's just a feature of the site.

You should only receive notification of messages if you're a group member, which has me wondering what the problem is ? If you're not registered in the group then you would not get the notification emails to advise of new messages. If you've had an email then you're a member who is entitled to see the information.

Once you are a group member then you should be able to view all the blogs and questions. The only time that would not happen is if the message has been deleted, either by the person posting it, or by admin. I know I've had the odd time where I have clicked on a link in email and found myself at a '404' page, where the message has been removed. Often it's because the person who posted it has posted it more than once, had second thoughts, or has re-phrased it under a different topic name.

If there are any other reasons why you cannot open a particular blog you can usually click the green Feedback button on the far right of your screen and ask the site time to have a look for you.

Thanks Gordon, Yes I am am member but for some reason message from cofdrop could not be opened, will use feedback, thanks for tip

Nice of the spill chucker to substitute 'time' for 'team' - Oops. ;) Should be the site team of course.

I would also add that there was maybe a clue in the title " New drug to cure all ills".

Such a thing does not exist, cannot exist and therefore maybe it was not a serious post, but something to amuse and lighten the load of our conditions?

Thanks easybreather,thought it might be " light" comment but in desperation and frustration of not being able to open blog from I would have liked to see,I still do have a sense of humor and would have seen the funny side, Cheers Terry

Hi liftman

I feel Gordon has explained things pretty fully for you. Personally, although I have not been a member very long I have seen problems with trolls and therefore I prefer to post all messages to 'group members only'.

However since you have mentioned my name and a thread I posted I must comment to try and ease your mind. Although the thread was entitled something like 'new drug - cure for all ills', I was in fact being ironic as the piece from utube is just a humerous song and video about an imaginary drug called Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin (a combination of lots of common drugs). I think it was devised by medical students, although not entirely sure.

I really apologise if you thought this was some kind of breakthrough you were missing out on, although, like Gordon, I am not sure how an email got through to you if you are not a member.

Take care

Love cofdrop X

Thanks cofdrop, I am sending blog/mail to see why I could not open your blog.I have now seen song/video, cheered me up a bit , keep up the good work, Terry

Thank you Easybreather - spot on - it was indeed meant to lighten the load of our conditions and amuse, although I can see how it must have been frustrating for liftman just seeing the title.

Love C xxx

You're welcome Terry.

Love C xxx

Confused yo will be read this weeks exciting episode of Soap (name on the guest list)

Used to love the soap 'Soap". One of the best shows ever!

Bev x

I remember watching it first time around, before having a video recorder, so often missed bits - but I now have all 4 series on DVD. I sometimes watch an episode when I can't sleep or something is troubling me - by the time it's finished I've forgotten what the reason was for putting it on. :)

Just a thought.

If a blog/question is posted to group of which you're a member, you'll get the email notification that you said about. However, in order to actually read that particular blog/question, you will need to be logged in on this site. If for some reason you were logged out from the site at the time you tried to read this particular "group members only" blog, then you wouldn't have been able to read it, despite having received the email link.


Good point Ells. A lot of us stay logged in, so don't get those problems. Obviously, members only stuff will require logging in - well spotted

Thanks Gordon.

I only thought of it because I got caught out myself the same way last week trying to check the site on another machine on which I hadn't previously logged in. It's easily done. :-)

Gordon, I have tried to get DVD or Video of Soap but only saw offers on the US format. Please tell me where you got them.


Only series one was released in the UK on DVD. I got the set of all 4 series on ebay from a seller in Canada, and it says on the disc that they are 'region one'. I forgot that our DVD player is multi-region. It came like that. I've had the discs for about 4 years now.

There are some discs for sale on there which claim to be "R2 compatible", but I can't tell you if they would work or not. Search for 'soap season dvd'. Amazon only seem to have the Region 1 versions. :)

Thank you, will have a search on there] and also see if I can find instructions for my TV which has DVD built in. Maybe thats multi region too.

Have a peaceful Christmas.


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