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Is your Glass half Full....or Half Empty ?

A couple of months ago my glass was half empty, I was convinced that I was dying of COPD. Now its half full, and I’m LIVING with COPD

I know that many of you suffer a hell of a lot more than I do with your COPD.

Changing you thinking wont cure your COPD but it can make you feel better.

Try to shut out the memories of being short of breath and the coughing fits, and replace them with memories of all the good bits. Like the day you walked all the way to the front gate without getting to puffed, or climbed the stairs without having to stop for a breather. And sing, I sing (not very well) but I find it a very good breathing exercise, sing some Christmas carols, you can do it now without your family thinking you’ve gone mad, believe me it works.

Here’s an idea,lets have a Choir! Sunday morning at 11am wherever you are we’ll all sing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” and think of one another.

Whishing you & yours all the very best for Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


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I'm a glass half full person and always have been. To me, what's the point of being anything else?

Lynne xx


Friends, If I could sing a song ( my son said I sounded like Hilda Ogden once ) I would sing this one to all my fellow Beings here! Hope your Christmas and New Year is full of love,peace, happiness and wellness,All the very Best Wishes,Carol xxxxx ;)


Hope to hear your version next year



Hey guys,

Most of us sing like someone stood on a cat's tail, so whistle instead. It does help to keep your spirits up, and pushes oxygen into your blood like pursed lips breathing.

Party idea ---- how about squirty cream driven by helium? The kids would love it, talking funny.

breathe easy all



I'm definitely glass half full. And ready to sing on Sunday - lovely idea!


What an excellent idea, I am just coming out of the I am about to die syndrome , having been ill with infection one after the other I felt that was my lot, even have chosen my cardboard coffin!! very good value to truthful. Yesterday I went out for the first time in ages, have to uses crutches due to my spine condition that has just started! but felt good for a change, so I now believe that I can make it back to some form of normal life, feeling sorry for myself is no longer allowed! but singing carols is, so I shall be scaring all the dogs and cats and children away at 11.00 on Suday, Merry Christmas every one and a Breathe Easy 2013 to all xx


I've been practising today, ''singing in the rain'' when I took the dog for a walk!! ;) x


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