Happy Xmas and health for new year

It will be my first Christmas using oxygen and there is always something new that needs learning, am finding that my oxygen level goes down after food, not that I can eat much now without feeling bloated and drowsy. Still going to try and have a go at turkey and all the trimmings though and could have a little oxygen keep me right, have to see what it takes.

Merry Xmas all that suffer and care for lung patients

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  • It surprised me too badger but apparently we use extra oxygen whilst digesting food. I hope you enjoy your turkey.

    Marry Christmas. x

  • Oops - Merry not Marry.

  • Should get lovely wedding presents eh?

  • Been on the juice ,have we?

  • Not yet - that is the worrying thing!

  • It is funny that eating drops the oxygen I always thought feeling sleepy was because it was time for a rest after trying to do justice to some wholesome meals. Never stop learning badger when things are a little different for some than others all we can do is find what suits the way we are at the time.

    happiness and friendship with all fellow travellers.

  • Merry Christmas :-)

  • If you are going out for a meal and are on oxygen make sure you ask for any candle or tealight on your table to be put out before you get to it. I always ask that it is not lit when i ring to book

    Carole x

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