Coughing up blood

Hi BLF I have COPD and bronchiectasis for the last 4 days when using my Nebusar 7% when clearing my lungs I and bringing up large brown and red blood. This only happenes after I have used my nebulisar. The rest of the day when I bring up phlem it is white and clear, please help what should I do. I have my son and Daughter and grandchildren for over the festive season.

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Get yourself to the Doc's asap, I don't know what is causing it but think you should get checked out for peace of mind. Take care xx

thank you Gilly, it is not alot and as I have said its when I huff it up after my nebuliser. It is one of these problem should I shouldn;t I thank you for you comments

Thank you syibm see my answer to Gilly. Many thanks. xx

Agree with gilly. Try not to panic (easier said than done). Do you also have 0.9% saline - maybe a bit less harsh than the hypertonic at the mo. As gilly says getting checked out will give you peace of mind to enjoy Christmas with your family.

Love C xxx

thank you cofdrop I only have 7% . See my reply at Gilly although its more than a small amount but just morning and night. I will get it checked out. Hope that you nall have a merry christmas. Love B xxx

Thank you babster check my replies to Gilly and cofdrop Have a great christmas and thanks again for your reply

i have like you copd emphysema ,bronchi,and something else,i just ring doctor and give me antibaiotics,stop blood for one or two month and hi come again ,i learn to live with it ,

Thankyou , I myself are on long term antibiotics, I have had COPD for afew years now but this is something new. Thank you once again for your reply have a good festive season

I have C.O.P.D and have been coughing up dark blood, I went to the Doc's they don't care, I am now spitting up redder than red blood, " sorry I hope this makes sense " it's like cutting your finger and just clear red blood, it isn't dark anymore, I did get the camera up my nose ( sorry ) and into my lungs, wasn't as bad as I thought, but if you have a good Doctor you will be ok. Take Care Everyone, Merry Christmas and God Bless you ALL....Ivan

Thank you Ivan, I fully understand what you are saying, I am having a CT scan on my lungs in early January so this might just give the reason what the hell is happening. Thank yo for your reply have a Merry Christmas.

Berwick, do what you have to do and enjoy yourself. I am just praying to get through Boxing Day with Pete and hope he will be ok. Everyone: MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Sassy thank you for taking the time to answer my problem I thank you so much. My prayers are with you and I am sure that you and Pete will have a merry christmas and a healthy and happy new year.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My prayers are with you too and take care. Have a good time. xxxxx

I came down with some kind of cold I think settled in my chest I have wheezing and crackling going on and been coughing up brownish if you wipe it red mucus phlegm I not sure what going on I don't have a cough all the time.

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