Keiths hernia op

Hi to all Keiths home now, hes in alot of pain cant sleep and now has got a very bad chest infection, I phoned our GPs yesterday and got him some antibiotics. When he was in hosp I asked the doctor why he hadnt seen a respiratory specialist because of what happened during his last 2 ops, and was told that they used to do it from the hosp before but now he has to go through his GPs. When I asked why I was told it was all down money, if they referred him the cost would come out of their budget and that they just didnt have that kind of money spare. so now it will take weeks instead of days to see somebody, while keith just gets worse I am sure that there are alot of people in the same boat, he also said that if he did get worse go through A & E just what is this NHS coming too sorry rant over. Thankyou all for your best wishes for keith and me and I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Julia xxxxx

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  • Hi Julia - I think you need to get an urgent GP visit today and see if he can't get an urgent referral for you. Put your concerns in writing to the GP - I find a letter can work wonders! good uck, I hope you manage to have Christmas without crisis!

    Take care, Gill

  • I'm afraid this is becoming a third world country Julia. :(

  • hope he is better soon and I wish you both good health and a happy christmasx

  • Awe sorry to hear this. Agree with Gill re appointment with gp. If dh is bringing stuff up it may be a good idea to do a sputum sample whilst at the surgery.

    Hope there is an improvement soon.

    Love Sue

  • Hi Julia,good to hear Keith came through the op ok,but sorry to hear you are having problems at the moment.

    Good advice cofdrop, if you can get the sputum specimen,so much the better.He does sound as though he should see a Doc. soon,not familiar with uk proctocl now,but cant you get a home visit?? Failing that call an ambulance if realy worried,at least he'd get to hospital,and be seen.

    Hope things settle for you soon,love Wendells xxx

  • Hi Julia, all good wishes to Keith. If you can't see GP and get an urgent referral I would be tempted by A & E as then he would be seen immediately. xx

  • I agree with auntymary. Do you have "care on call". Tomorrow saturday gp will be at home with his feet up possibly, call "care on call" they will quizz you or your hubby re his problem ,lay it on so that he has an ambulance to a A & E. He could have pneumonia. If you cant get anything sorted take him yourself to A& E tomorrow when your gp surgery is closed.

  • I agree with everyone Julia, get a home visit as Keith cannot get to the surgery because he is too poorly. I hope things turn out well for the both of you as I know what a worry it is to care for someone with chronic illness. I am thinking of you both and wishing you well. Have a good Christmas and hope things are better in the New Year. xxxx

  • I hope Keith recovers soon so you can enjoy a good Christma together. Thinking of you x

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