Struggling at the moment

Carnt get my asthma under control at the moment and hard going and under severe asthma unit asthma team.just would like to know if their is room for improvement with meds to ask my asthma team in feb and under action plan and phone contact and rang today. Im on eayhaler,seritide,spiriva,montelucast,slophyllin,carbocistine,omiprazole and prednisalone at the moment 40mg for ten days then reduce one every 4 days so 40 sdays intotal and on 10 puffs of easyhaler 4 hourly.Not after medical advice but just wonderd if the meds im on have room for improvement with my asthma team as not under control and end up on 40 day cycles of steroids.Im also on Amoxillin 500mg x3 aday at the moment also and just hate beeing so (not been on for a while and heart tests eere normal xxx

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  • Oh Airbags! I wish I could reach to give you a great big ((((HUG)))). Hang in there. xx

  • Thank you Im resting up but breathing hard and have MD also.

    Got a lovely family and just want enjoy exmas and breath better.Going be a Granny in march age 47..felt it kicking today as said quick feel my tum its kicking away :-)

  • How lovely to feel the baby move and what an event to look forward to. I really hope you feel better soon. xx

  • Sorry to hear you are not having a good run at the moment,do hope things improve for you soon.

    How wonderful about the bubby! I was first made a Nan at 41 years,have 7 of the darlings now,oldest 23,and youngest 8.

    So happy for you that you have a great family,enjoy your xmas with them,please feel better soon! xxx

  • Hope you feel better soon. How lovely to have a baby in the family to look forward to. My granddaughter was born March 2011 and whenever she kicked by the time I got there she had stopped.

    Love C xxx

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