Is there room for me ?

Hi everyone i,ve been looking at your site for a while now and decided to introduce myself , i,m Sharon i have had copd for a couple of years and had a really bad time 6mnths ago when i had loads of chest infections and ended up having a tube put into my windpipe and on a ventilator , im so much better now than i ever thought i would be and have been finding the site very helpful and sometimes a little scarey . x

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  • Hello bock welcome to the site and glad to here you are feeling much better I think copd can be a little scarey sometimes,but always somebody here to help and advise

  • I was on a ventilator for 5 weeks whilst being sedated. I had the most amaizing dreams that were incredably real. They are like memories even now, like I actually lived them and this was over two years ago. My nickname for the ventilator and nova lung is the dream machines. When you coughed did you used to blow the big plaster off your tracky after they removed the pipework. I used to find this quite funny in a mad sort of way. I also remember getting frustrated when your voice box did'nt work as the air was'nt coming up through your throwt. It was maddening that nobody could lip read. You have obviously been very ill but your on the up now, just don't rush things Sharon and be positive.

  • hello dallo5 I had very vivid dreams to i still don,t know what was real and what was,nt , My 2 daughters gave me a note book and pen and some of the things i wrote were really bad ,when i had the tube out everytime i coughed it made a rude noise x

  • A note book and pen were no good to me as I had very bad shakes but the nurses would put somthing in somewhere which gave me a voice but it was only for a limited 10 minutes or so at a time and I sounded weird. Those dreams were somthing else though. I realised after coming round that I could also here the machines while I was under sedation and they often triggered some of the dreams. After sleeping on ITU you could now sleep through anything Its one hell of an experience. It sure makes you appreciate a quiet night back home. There's plenty of great people on this site willing to talk and help in anyway so welcome.

  • mine took 3 wks to close and was only told just before that you could talk if you put your fingers over the hole ( better late than ever ) xx

  • Hi maggiemay thanks for that . nice to have people who understand to talk to i,m divorced so can get a bit lonely at times , xx

  • Plenty of room for you Sharon. A very warm welcome to you.

    Love Sue

  • Thanks sue looking forward to getting to know you all xx

  • Always room. Welcome to the site. x

  • Hello auntymary feel like i know you already . you seem a very popular member of the group and very helpful xx

  • Hi Bock,& welcome! This site is great,& good to be able to liase with people that understand! Of course we all get a bit scared at times,especially when not well,after you going through a divorce as well,it would be hard not having an understanding soul mate,just remind yourself that the good things in life are getting due now!! We all get our share of good & bad!!

    So glad u are feeling better now,do enjoy xmas,and heres to a good new year for you xxx

  • Hi Sharon, I jumped in here a month or so ago without introducing myself, but am quite at home now. Everyone is so supportive, and with COPD that is what you need. I am lucky enough not to be as bad as a lot of people on here and after my PR course (here she goes again!!) I am hopeful that I can keep this beast at bay. Best wishes.

  • Hi Sharon and welcome. Lots of support and help on here.

    Lynne xx

  • Hi bock and welcome. :)

  • Hi Sharon, you are most welcome and I am sure that you will find the site a warm, friendly and informative space.

    Enjoy this Christmastime. PollyP

  • Hello and welcome Bock you will find this site a great help.


  • Hi Bock, welcome to the site I am also quite new and I dont post offten only when I know about something, but I come in everyday to see how everyone is. I have felt so much better since being in her and reading and listening to what people have to say, its true what they say a trouble shared is a trouble half. I have had my COPD for a year now and feel so much better since being on here. HAPPY XMAS hope you stay with us xx

  • Hi Sharon, welcome to the community. I hope you are keeping well at the moment as this changeable weather can cause problems when least expected. The other members of this group have a wealth of knowledge so you can usually get an answer to most questions you may have. It is also very good for a general chat. Take care, Richard.

  • Hi richard thanks for the welcome ,im hoping i do keep well i.m very scared of ending up in hospital ,i never realised how ill i was getting and just kept pushing myself. thats in the past hopefully stay well now you manage well with your copd? Sharon x

  • Hi Sharon, I manage to control it by making sure I take my meds, (not always easy if I'm having a bad day), I tend to sleep through things when I least expect to. One thing I do try to do, is push myself when I can as it helps to control my breathing when I do get wheezy. Don't push too hard though, make sure to have regular rest periods and you should find it easier to cope. As for hospital, never be worried about being admitted as that can be the best place sometimes, you get the medical treatment required and also chance to rest and recover. Take care, Richard.

  • Hi sharon Welcome, sometimes I'm scared to come on to the forum too, I get panicky when I venture out and seem to settle better indoors but this can't be done as like you I am on my own and I do understand what everyone here is saying to you. Other days on the forum can be funny and uplifting. To me it's a lifeline and sometimes you can help others as we're all at different stages of copd. x

  • Hi iavender1 thanks for your welcome , don,t know at what stage of copd i am , i was suppose to have some breathing tests done in august but was n hospital ,i hava,nt had them done in over a year .Dr said first time i had them done i was quite severe. i was put on an anxiety drug whilst i was in hospital but found it made me worse and caused my panic attacks which have gone now ,x

  • Half the battle getting rid of the panic attacks. If you feel you're ready for more tests I should push your g.p to make sure you are on the right medication or see what the BLF team on here think because if anything like me you'll be thinking no news is good news.

  • Welcome,welcome to us Health Unlockders.Say what you mean ,meanwhat you say.We are all very good listeners and understanders

    Have a Happy Christmas

    Remember the reason for the season

    Richard Cornish

  • More company for Christmas too :) Hello Sharon x

  • Hi Sharon welcome. Lots of room here and lots of big hearts too.

    Have a great Christmas.

    Bev xx

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