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I did something stupid today

I dropped my daughter off at work and headed to the doctors for my weekly INR test. I was feeling pretty good and thought that I would pick up a tin of biscuits for the staff at the surgery. I parked the car and headed of to the entrance when my head started to spin, dam it I thought no oxygen. I slowed right up and only just managed to stop myself falling. A lot of deep breathing and everything righted itself and I then continued at a much slower pace bought the biscuits and returned to the car and my oxygen pack which I should have been wearing. I did'nt forget to take it but I guess I just felt good enough not to use it. The good thing to come from this is how I took it all in my stride and did,nt panick. Ive probably got pulmanary rehab and breathe easy classes to thank for this as this is what they are all about. They teach us to live with being breathless and do a great job of it too. Thanks Breathe Easy.Merry Christmas to you all

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Well done for managing the situation without panicing. The PR certaintly does help us to manage our condition. Just remember to carry your 02 with you even if not using it! You only need to turn it on when you feel the need of it :-)

Merry Christmas to you.



Too right jojam I'll try not to be so clever again and keep the oxy at hand. I have these mad moments occasionally and they normally back fire on me. Its a learning curve and I must be a slow learner. :)

You also have a Great Christmas.


You did really well and didn't panic which is difficult I would think. I cannot wait to get Pete to PR as it would benefit him. Have a good Christmas. xxx


It is so easy to feel good and decide the oxygen pack is not needed. Then when you walk a little you feel literally like you are swimming against the tide. A horrible drowning feeling it feels to me. I never make that mistake now. Always having 'my best friend' my oxygen pack with me. Always have your pack with you:-)


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