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Not very Happy

for the last 8 fridays on the run I seem to get a sudden attack of severe "man flu" when I have a couple of pints of guinness !!!! no problems if no alcohol - I done a test Monday- bottle of red wine, full on flu symptoms-Tuesday no drink was fine-Wednesday a couple of large grouse , full on flu...!!!! while I am writing this ,no problems at all.

I love a pint on a Friday night after work ( and I have done for 40 years ) what am I going to do ?? could I now be allergic to alcohol ? please god no....

my wife has no sympathy and laughs when she says will you be home early on Friday.


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This is really weird! I like an occasional Guiness myself but have stopped drinking them because recently ever time I had one my nose absolutely poured. I have not tried other drinks though. If you find a 'cure' let me know!


Oh dear, poor you! The symptom I have when drinking is it seems to affect my legs, the go all bendy.... Also my speech, I find myself telling everyone I love them and giving the most unlikely people a cuddle. Not that I ever get even slightly tipsy you understand..... Strangely alcohol does not affect my breathing, could this be because it makes me relaxed and not anxious?




Yeh I find that too, especially when I start seeing pink elephants fly ;) ...... no seriously,

I would be taking notice of what your body is trying to tell you. If you feel fine without it and awful when you've had a pints or bottle of wine, your body is plain talking to ya.

Try maybe just having half of your usual comsumption of alcohol, if you are lucky that may do the trick.

Happy Christmas, cheers


Hi Stan5, this made me laugh! I used to drink virtually a bottle red wine every day for a number of years (which was far too much) but, after being hospitalised after a severe exacerbation of my copd I found I didn't want to drink anymore and if I did it made me sick! I agree with Zoee, listen to your body. Has your medication changed? It could be interacting with the alcohol. I know what you mean by, "please God, no.....", ha ha, I am still mourning the loss of my red wine, I could probably manage a glass but more than that I would be violently ill! Libby x


Hope stan this is a passing phase but it was funny and happy memories reading your ways of finding out and at least you had a smashing week trying out the various bevs. Inclined to agree with aunty mary about trying to half your comsumption. Well done on continuing your work although finishing work on a Friday and settling for one pint only might just work - I hope so - better than nothing I assure you!


Sorry aunty mary reading back that was Zoee's advice - dearie me a pint might do me the world of good also!


3 pints of Guinness on a Friday at 5.0pm- then 4 pints of Guinness on a Saturday afternoon-then 2 pints of Guinness on a Sunday afternoon load of man flu stan5


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