Santas helpers

7pm and my daughter could here loud music, when she looked out of the window Father Christmas (round Table) and his helpers were coming down the road collecting for charity.

My grandson was really excited when one of the helpers came to the window and said hello Heather and she said hello Jane, it was one of her co-workers. My grandson could not believe it and said "Mom you know one of Santas helpers"

She will be using that one next year for good behaviour.

Thought it might bring a smile :-)

polly xx

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  • Oh thats so sweet,I bet he had a good tale to tell his friends! Hugs Wendells xx

  • Love it, could'nt help but smile :). These tiny Gems in life are what makes life worth living. Im off to have my INR and bloods done now then its off to ICU Worcester, to once again thank the staff for saving my life with a couple of tins of chocolate biscuits for Christmas.

  • "thank the staff for saving my life with a couple of tins of chocolate biscuits"

    They saved your life with chocolate biscuits??????????????????????

  • They could have been magic fingers ? :D

  • The things some people will do to get some biscuits at Christmas ha ha. They save my life. I give them chocolate biscuits as a thank you. Its a crazy world ain't it.:).

  • Magical Pollyjj. Thank you. xx

  • Ah bless x x x

  • smiling at Santa's helper wetting myself laughing at the choccie biscuits. Thanks

  • Ha ha ha, an invaluable weapon in the year to come!! Beats the whip method!!! Lol :) Libbyx

  • Awe bless - that's so sweet.


  • How cute

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