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More Huff and Puff continued-

Well the Christmas shopping trip to Worcester with my daughter went ok. Its probably 30 years since Iv'e been on a bus but now I have a disabled bus pass I was determined to make use of it. I discovered that next time my reading glasses must come with me though when on the final leg of the return journey the bus drove straight past the end of my rd. I stupidly assumed that it would enter the estate at the other entrance but it drove straight past that one as well. After pressing the button and getting off at the next available stop the driver told us we were on the wrong bus. Well we were only a mile from home and thankfully my wife came to the rescue in the car as It was dark,wet and windy. Even though we had this little hic up we had a good day out in the wind and rain so I will surely do it again, with my glasses, as those dam timetables are in very small print. My evening has been ruined though as Leeds utd have just been slaughtered by Chelsea in the cup. Never mind they will get revenge next season when they play them in the prem :). I guess the main thing is my lung's just about held out, but I think I'll sleep well tonight,very well indeed.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzgoodnight fellow sufferers.

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It's only a game .Is'nt it. OUCH !



Hey Richard we won the first half 1-0, and really got them worried or possibly just made them angry!!!!


Thanks for you lovely posts. Really enjoy them!


Cheers Mocarey, whatever your breathing problem is may it not play up over Christmas and the New Year. Have a good one!! :)


Congratulations on your adventure,sounds as if you coped realy well.Good on you,make sure you do it again!

Can relate to the reading glasses,I hate forgetting them.Paid an expensive price the other day,when I thought with my hazy eyes, the price was one thing,but no, much more expensive, wont do that again!!

Hqave a lovely xmas with your family,Wendells xx


Thanks Wendells, My eyes used to be my best bit, I follow my dad as he was leading scout in the Malayan Jungle, nicknamed Hawkeye because of his exellent vision. This all went pear shaped after my long stay in intensive care where I developed an eye infection. This turned out to be a cold sore type virus in my right eye. Anyway this eye must have been my reading eye as there is now permanent scaring damage and glasses are required. I can still see distance's though so I can't complain too much. Have a Great Christmas Wendells and keep those glasses near by at all times:)


Oh what a shame you developed the infection in icu,somebody was not taking sterile care,if you know what I mean!!

Anyway thats great you can still see distances,on the positive side.

Yes will definetely be keping the glasses closer now!

Enjoy the seasons celebrations,Wendells x


I know its possible to blame somebody for slipping up and transfering the virus to my eye but these guys on ICU worked so incredibly hard at keeping me alive for 10 weeks that I can only see them as Hero's. I remember the problem seemed to be more with the eye specialist who diagnosed conjunctivitus incorrectly. The eye drops they gave me were never going to work. After the correct diagnoses was made they then treated me with a special type of Zoverax directly into the eye which was blinkin horrible but did the trick. Anyway the Leeds are back to winning ways today so I'm happy :) 2-1 cum on the Leeds!! Have a great Christmas Wendells and hope you stay healthy.


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