Spirometry test

Hello everyone

Fab news had the Spirometry thingy done - mild was the result. Hoooooooooray blooming ray. No medications, nuffink - what a wonderful Christmas present that is. Still off the fags, getting addicted to Niquitin lozenges though. Oh well can win them all. Hope all you lovely people who supported me in stopping back in the early days are all well. I am grateful to you all.

Wishing you all a Peaceful, Happy Christmas and a tranquil New Year. Love and hugs to all Lizzie xoxoxoxoo

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  • Fab will it be in June the next time they test mine is taken every 6 months at nurse lead clinic.

  • Thank you - GP said 15 months time for next appointment?!!!!! Lizzie

  • Thank you lizzie, keep it up, I like to try some tranquil next year also

    best wishes

    mild? is it mild asthma ?

    Alan & dogs


  • That's wonderful news Lizzie!

  • Cool;l outcome ! :)

    Mine is on Friday.

  • good luck Puff. Let us know.

    Lynne xx

  • Good luck for Friday. x

  • Yes, its very cool and hope yours goes well. Lizzie

  • Fantastic news and well done with the smoking. I knew you could do it!

    Lynne xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Great news Lizzie. x

  • If you have a choice go to Tescos as they have several types of "anti smoking" lozenges much cheaper than Boots.

  • Wonderful news! I'm delighted! Have a brilliant Christmas and New Year sweetie!!! o yes well done on kicking 'nic' into touch! xxxxxxxx

  • Thank you have to admit that I think I will always want to smoke, because I really enjoyed it. However, as time passes it isn't totally in control of me any more. Whoop whoop whoop xxx

  • Hi Lizzie Really good news for you but just think that wee scare has probably helped your resolve to stop smoking and you've done great with that and probably added years to your life already. Happy Christmas and New Year to you and yours xx

  • Thank you yeah the GP has done me a huge favour. Happy Christmas to you toooooxxxx

  • great christmas present :)

  • Thank you x

  • my hubby had this test done recently, he's never smoked, yet he has delevoped asthma, medium range at 61 so makes you wonder what else can cause this ?

  • Having the test today I have never smoked either?

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