What Medication Are You Taking? And What Side Effects Do You Think You Have From Each One?

Each time I visit my Dr's surgery to ask for a repeat prescription I forget what I am meant to be taking, should'nt they have this on the computer? It takes a couple of visits to actually get these ordered because I get there and forget to bring them with me. It doesn't help when the receptionist wants to belittle me for doing so. Anyhow thats another rant so for now I am going to post what I am meant to be using and what feel after I have taken them.

Phyllocontin 225mg Twice daily : I have no idea what this does for me because it is meant to be a slow release drug.

Seretide 250 Evohaler, 2 puffs twice a day: I think this has given me a helping hand in breathing at times, however I think I overdose on it at times. ( I forget if I have taken it)

Atrovent inhaler 20mg Two puffs Fours times a day: Since taking this (2 weeks ago) I have had a sore throat and when even drinking water I was unsure this would pass down my neck before I threw it up again, the spray makes me gag and I now dread taking it, It just feels like I am spraying this to make me vomit. I have just taken it again to get the effect, It leaves a horrid taste in my mouth and I have noticed a change in the colour of my teeth. ( Am I going mad?) Night sweats.

Ventolin When I Need It: Maybe a life saver!!!!! I use a full inhaler a week.

Prednisolone when needed. I really HATE THIS DRUG, I have burning pain in my hips and fingers and toes when I take this and I have noticed I have mood swings.

Doxycycline 100mg Tabs: Every 3 weeks. I take a boost of 2 tablets for the first 2 days then stop.

OK now you have it, I would imagine many others have much more than I do but I just wanted to ask and see if others had any problems.

It's now 5.30 am and it's just another sleepless night for me.

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  • I'm quite lucky. I have Spiriva daily and ventolin when I need it which is about once a week. That's it.

    Lynne xx

  • Lynne you are very lucky.

  • Lynne you are very lucky.

  • Hi there, you should speak to your GP about your reaction to Atrovent. I used to have the same reaction and I was changed to Tiotropium which is much better. Hope it works for you!

  • me too.

  • When I was first on Spiriva (Tiotropium) I had awful headaches and dizziness but my GP said to persevere for 2 weeks, which I did and they went.

    Lynne xx

  • Do you have a Chemist nearby that would deal with your repeat prescriptions for you? I phone up my Chemist and they read out the list of medication to me. I say yes or no after each item and it is all dealt with over the phone. I then have the option to pick up my medicines or have them delivered. Its is worth investigating, especially if the receptions are going to be so unhelpful. Good luck.

    Mandy xx

  • Good reply Mandy, I order repeat prescriptions on the internet and just tick which drug I need. I know not everyone has a computer (but WE all do, 'cos we're on it now!!) and I know not all surgeries do it, but most do.

  • The GP practise I use print the repeat prescription info on the counterfoil part every time I get something, it runs to two pages but lists all the items I am able to get on repeat, along with the date I last had them.

    They do have them on the computer system there, so I can just ask for a full repeat by phone and they will pass the paperwork to the chemist shop I use and I just go pick it up a couple of days later. The surgery also has an on-line reorder system which lists the items and lets you tick the boxes to order, except I've lost my password for it...

    There is a scheme where some pharmacies will do a lot of this for you, they keep the details on their computer and will even re-order for you. I know my Dad get's all his this way and they even deliver everything to him in daily dose packs so he just has to pop open the section for the meds he needs to take in a morning, afternoon, evening etc.

    I also keep a list of my own meds so I can print off a page of what I actually need, and then keep a record of what I asked for and when. They've been known to get it wrong a time or two ;)

    Phyllocontin is a bronchodilator, it is supposed to help open your airways. I've not had that myself so can't say what effects is has.

    With any inhaler you should really give your mouth a good rinse with water afterwards, and spit it out, don't swallow, to try and cut down on any after effects. Some people report getting oral thrush and sore throats, rinsing helps to stop that. It also helps to use a spacer device to stop the burst of spray from hitting the back of the throat, or part of the mouth, which cna cause the gagging effect.

    Prednisolone is a synthetic steroid that has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is used to decrease inflammation in various different diseases and conditions. If you're getting side effects then you need to speak to your GP about them.

    Looking at what you've written, it sounds like you've not been told too much about the medication and what it does, or how to use some of the items. It may be worthwhile calling a BLF nurse to go through these and see if they can suggest anything to help. We keep saying that everyone is different so it's not easy to try and relate to your problems, even when we're prescribed the same items.

  • Forgot to suggest this - Prednisolone, if you get the white ones, ask the GP for the coated (dark red) ones instead, they tend to cause less upset but are not always prescribed automatically as I think they cost a little bit more.

  • Further information on Enteric coating,


    respectfully assisting informed discussion.

  • emmo

    Hi Missy Miles

    I must be very lucky with my prescriptions I just tick off the items I need and put it in a box at the chemist (Boots), they take it to the surgery and pick it up ready for when I collect it. I also think they might have a delivery system but I haven't checked this out. I have to make a note of what I have ordered and when to pick it up otherwise I forget, but

    otherwise it works well. Good luck with your meds. it definitely helps to rinse and spit.

  • I'm lucky too with prescriptions, just tick which ones I want and take it to the surgery, they have there own pharmacy, have to give 48 hours notice though. I take my first pill at 5 am !

    IBS pill, my last one 8 pm, and goodness knows how many inbetween.

    Lib. x

  • Re your repeat prescriptions, can you not order them online from your doctors surgery. When they did this at our surgery I was able to order for myself, my wife and a very old freind who can't walk much. You may also like to check the chemists in your area as most of them accept scripts from the doctor via the inline ordering process and then deliver them to your house.

    It's worth enquiring about at your doctors.

  • I use Pharmacy2U.co.uk , if your surgery uses this you just sign in tick what you want on the list, they email your doctor for confimation and post it out to you. I often receive it the next day. It comes by first class post and is totally free, it has to be signed for.

  • Can order online to the surgery but found it a bit stressfull, easier just to tick a box.

    Lib x

  • I have had Spiriva I developed awful Heartburn and Headaches and a bout of Shingles( which it can cause) I changed to Oxis (Formeterol) and it has caused sweating, back weakness and headaches, now I use Salbutamol and Pulmicort Inhalers,as well as Nebulised Colistin, I am managing alright on these not too bad side effects. Its a fine balance with what I need to take for my Bronchiectasis& Asthma and how ill I get from side effects. All medications seem to give me side effects.

  • I take beclomesone evohaler Twice a day and ventolin evohaler when I need it I also take acid reflux tablets and citirazine (antihistamines) I get a dry mouth after I take the preventer. But nothing else. Wow you use up a whole ventolin inhaler a week

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