huff and puff

Im sat in the chair watching TV feeling normal and then I realise its time for more pills. I get up and make my way to the kitchen where I swill down the antibiotics, warfarin and micophenolate cocktail and return to my chair, Dam it I'm huffing and puffing again, then I think whew, thank god I'm huffing and puffing its better than not breathing at all. Christmas shopping tomorrow so its an early night for me. I got my bus pass recently at the age of 53 and I'm gonna use it tomorrow for the first time. I know its going to be hell out there on the streets but armed with my oxygen rocket pack and daughter I'm kind of looking forward to it. Does lack of oxygen make you just a little crazy?.Ha Ha they'll probably be coming to take me away soon. :)

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  • Always feel normal when I sit down - my problem sob. Wishing you well with your shopping . Stop for a cup of coffee for a breather. Feeling better after yet another chest infection but think I will have to be on constant anti-bs. My job tomorrow is to clean the downstairs loo, and wash the kitchen floor. Life cant get more exciting but I do have a good Christmas to look forward. Love Annie80

  • The simple pleasures when avoiding going out annie80 :-)

  • Hope your shopping trip goes well today, sounds like you have it all well planned! I dont know how I'd manage without my daughter sometimes!! I'm getting picked up and taken to see my grandson in the Xmas concert at T-time! Good Luck with whole day,may it go super smooth!! :)

  • Have a good outing. I'm the same as hufferpuffer, don't know what I'd do without my daughter! x

  • I am finding really nice things about my daughter, Mocarey. She was in Dubai for 14 years. We weren't close during that time. Since then we have got close.

  • Have to admit I have taken the easy option for the past four years - every single gift, gift wrap etc is bought online and delivered to my door :) Even though I'm pretty fit for a v.severe copd'er and can do the walking around bit, I find carrying anything more than a loaf of bread or a pint of milk exhausts me and needs 5 or 6 LPM as opposed to the usual 4LPM for just walking around. All gifts have been wrapped and sat under the tree since last week. Just the grocery shop to do closer to the day - I walk there and taxi back. I really enjoy that shopping session - take either my daughter or D-in law with me and we wear xmas headgear or baubles and tinsel in our hair, and I decorate my LOX backpack with flashing lights (battery operated of course!). I think the prep is the best bit of the season, as xmas day itself is pretty quiet with just myself and daughter.

    Hope you enjoy the shops tomorrow and feel the xmas spirit!

  • Have a great time shopping and enjoy the bus ride too. Remember your scarf over mouth and nose. Need to keep those nasty germs at bay. Stay well. xxxx

  • You're very brave going Xmas shopping mocarey, I couldn't do it. My presents were all delivered from M & S and are now wrapped and under the tree, Mr Sainsbury is bringing the groceries on Thursday and Dennis will get the veg Sunday and the ordered turkey on Monday,

    Daughter No 1 bringing the puds and Boxing day meal, daughter No. 2 bringing the cheese board - I just co-ordinate it all !!

    Lib x

  • Lib it isn't me going christmas shopping, I couldn't manage it at present. It's dall05. I was just saying I couldn't manage without my daughter. She has done a lot of my shopping for me and the rest I have done online.

  • im always,crazy, my boys age 40, 42 43, reckon i am, so i thought i would act it,my 70th birthday is the 6th of jan, so i told that they can give me a 70th birthday party they will do everything and i will look on, i think it will be good fun, canr wait for it L.O L

  • I'm sure your boys will do you proud thatcham 1939, what with Christmas, New Year and your 70th, ITS PARTY PARTY PARTY just show um how crazy you can be. Remember though pace yourself.


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