The DWP Decision [after 3-month delay]

The DWP Decision [after 3-month delay]

Hi there all heavy breathers!

Righto, you that follow my blogs know that I've been waiting for the DWP to reconsider their original decision to not allow me to be ill, even though in 2006 I had 15 points. Well here it is, their decision: The original decision still stands and I'm not allowed to be ill.

Okay. Now then, being one of the statistics who appears to have been accidentally mixed in with the REAL shirkers - the DWP must deny a minimum of 35 per cent of claimants, you understand, which the government insists upon - I 'm now replying to their denial. And all I'm asking for is the TRUTH. Which, of course, the DWP and the Atos Doctor do not seem to fully understand. And thus, my letter of reply goes a little like the this ...


Mr Thomas Anonymouse

17th December 2012

Re your decision;

Thank you for notifying me of your decision, appreciated. I would now like to ask if you would kindly forward to me at your earliest, all the relevant information leading to your decision being made. I look forward to you sending me the names and titles of the doctors, specialists, and consultant surgeons with whom you have contacted for information as to my medical conditions and records during your research. I will need your written records [copies will suffice] so that your records tally with mine.

I will require these requested details for the CAB Advisor, and possibly for the personal attention of my MP if your records do not match with mine.

I have some questions for the Atos Doctor to answer prior to my tribunal appeal going ahead, which are the easy questions I need answering to tally with my recorded details. I once again thank you for your co-operation in this matter. If you decide to further look at my case for consideration, I would be grateful if you would inform me at your earliest.


Blah, blah, blah...


Of course, as you all know, the DWP and the Atos Doctor will not have any records of my condition to forward to me, as these are never checked. And of course, it won't do them any good attempting to get their facts correct now as their records won't tally with mine - they will not be able to forward me any information unless it's dated 2013! Yes, liars and cheats. And that's what I'm hoping to discover so that I may be able to assist you all in your goal of proving that you ARE very ill - and you're not just a statistic.

And thus, all I can say further is - watch this space for future updates! Merry Christmas to you all, and a blooming lovely New Year.

PS. Watch the calories mind ...

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  • Be guided by the advisers at CAB they understand that some will not be found by first investigation and will need other sources of proof that their health is affecting their ability to find employment.

    Speak to the BLF helpline benefits advisers that specialise in cases with lung health which CAB can not with general expertise.

  • is it asmtha Tom ? or copd, what fev ?

  • Emphysema and Cervical Spondylosis are what I have, sprinkled with bouts of sciatica thrown in for good measure.

  • Good luck to you ,You have my full admiration for standing up for your right`s .

  • It is about qualifying not rights that needs clearing up isn't it ?

  • Yea the Right to qualify

  • The Oxford English Dictionary definition of qualify:

    " verb (qualifies, qualifying, qualified)

    1 [no object] be entitled to a particular benefit or privilege by fulfilling a necessary condition: a pensioner who does not qualify for income support

    become eligible for a competition or its final rounds, by reaching a certain standard or defeating a competitor: England are in danger of failing to qualify

    be or make properly entitled to be classed in a particular way: [no object]: he qualifies as a genuine political refugee

    2 [no object] become officially recognized as a practitioner of a particular profession or activity, typically by undertaking a course and passing examinations: the training necessary to qualify as a solicitor I’ve only just qualified

    [with object] officially recognize or establish (someone) as a practitioner of a particular profession or activity: the courses qualify you as an instructor of the sport

    [with object and infinitive] make (someone) competent or knowledgeable enough to do something: I’m not qualified to write on the subject

    3 [with object] make (a statement or assertion) less absolute; add reservations to: she felt obliged to qualify her first short answer

    archaic make (something) less severe or extreme: his sincere piety, his large heart always qualify his errors

    archaic alter the strength or flavour of (something, especially a liquid): he qualified his mug of water with a plentiful infusion of the liquor

    4 [with object] Grammar (of a word or phrase) attribute a quality to (another word, especially a preceding noun).

    (qualify something as) archaic attribute a specified quality to something; describe something as: the propositions have been qualified as heretical"

    which definition would be considered a right ?

  • Try all of them

  • a bit of a silly trucker comment

  • Hi there, interesting reply - I need to phone a friend. But in all seriousness, a person with two degenerate illnesses, COPD and emphysema, surely cannot be deemed fitter than they were several years earlier? If this is so, then it's a miracle that my GP and consultant surgeons among numerous other medical people need to be informed of as not a single one of them have told me I'm cured.

    I'm seeking honesty from those concerned with judging me, as I was honest with them from the outset. If I'd have scored even the lowest amount of points arising from my assessment, I'd have accepted that outcome without question. Perhaps their next reply will reflect that ...

    Best regards.

  • Yes, qualifying is my gripe with Atos and the DWP as they're both insisting I have nothing wrong with me - which means they are calling not only me a fibber, but all the medical people who have diagnosed my illnesses and are treating me in the present time and the past. This cannot be right, can it?

  • Thank you, appreciated! Warmest regards.

  • Good for you Tom, I wasted 3 years by not appealing and following it through. I just couldnt be bothered, and felt defeated by the lies of Atos doctors. It wasnt till I started reading blogs and realised that you have to fight for everything.Apparently filling in the form yourself lets them know that you are naive and able to be fobbed off. Once I got welfare rights to do it with all the medical documents, I got the right result. Good luck, dont give up.

  • Your reply is appreciated. And yes, I'm one of those people who believe deeply in - NO SURRENDER!

    Warmest regards.

  • I've said it before and I do not apologise for saying it again. Don't blame DWP or ATOS, they are doing only what the Government has told them to do. Blame them! Vote if you don't already!

    If there is a change of Government, don't think it will get any better, it won't. Someone else has done their dirty work for them.

  • Of course you're correct with what you say, I accept that. And you're correct when you say nothing will change with any government. But what does that say about the society we live in? The future's looking bleak ...

  • I'm right beside you Tom, I've just got the GP's backing again ( he couldn't believe they knocked me back again) This will be my 5th try and I am not going to go away! I'm still waiting to hear about the E.S.A. form I filled in,its been weeks of waiting! Have a good Christmas and New Year!! perhaps 2013 will be a lucky year! :) x

  • Yes, waiting for an answer to E.S.A. can take time, which is why I wrote to the DWP informing them my claim wasn't a new claim, and they agreed: mind you, I did read up beforehand about all the rights I was entitled to! And you'll find a lot of answers to your questions by copying and pasting the link below.

    Merry Christmas to you also! Let's hope we both get luckier in 2013!

  • keep fighting Tom,dont let the little sh**** beat you down,what the hell do they for not blaming DWP or ATOS,how can you not blame them,they carry out the "interviews",do they not.?

  • Bravo! They carry out the interviews, but their questions never include in-depth information on how much pain and suffering we have to put up with on a daily basis, and even if you manage to get a word in, they take no notice!

    Best regards, fishtail.

  • More detail on why they are wrong would help the case that is being made, at present all that is obvious is that anger and frustration are a large part of this. A rationally argued case with advice from the helpline specialists will have more success than a rant.

  • Frustration does tend to set in, especially when the advice from helpline specialists appears to be ignored by those in authority. There are times when a good 'clip' round the ear is more effective than passive behaviour.

  • trying, isn't it ! Very best wishes for your good fight. x

  • Trying? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... it is at times! All the best!

  • Learn to have people state their names for you, get good at it, and record it Then if need be, play it back to someone over the phone and demand proper treatment.

  • Good tip, will remember next time.

  • Best of luck to you,do hope you eventually get a good outcome.Reading all the comments,I feel very glad I live in oz.People moan here about the systems,but they are very much more simplified than yours apparently!!

    Hang in there & dont let the ba...... win !!!

    Kind regards,Wendells xx

  • Yep, we do suffer a lot with our system, mostly it's designed to make you give up trying and lose out financially wise. I say keep at 'em!

    Warmest regards, Wendells.

  • Sorry to hear that it was a bad experience with advice offered. It is not an excuse to use violence though even if the ability is there nothing good comes of it.

  • Don't get me wrong, I never resort to violence and would never advocate it - unless in self-defence! Sometimes I've found the right choice of strong words works better when dealing with the DWP [not swearing mind] which has proven well for me twice previously.

  • as i am only just diagnosed, i have no idea what, and if i can claim anything.

    is it going to end in death or do we have a good survival rate,

    does anyone know the answer as it is all a bit of a blur to me at the moment, so any help anyone can give me "good or bad" will be a massive help for me.

  • Shelter r the best in advice on claims they will fill the forms attend appoints at any DWP appointments I just wish I had known about them earlier as 3yrs of stress n wasted time on DWP I could have saved myself I would give them a call as cab r good but shelter r better n quickly get answers for you & I do feel it is vital the anxiety n depression that comes with a illness like ours should be told to DWP . Please try shelter I know u wont be disappointed with their helpn support

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