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Whoo hoo - improvement in my lung function!!!


Been for a spirometry test today and thrilled to hear I've gone from 53% to 59% in the past 6 months. So pleased, and I give all the credit to the Pulmonary Rehab course. If you haven't been given the opportunity to have one please nag your asthma nurse or GP. I got so much out of it, both practical, and the talks were informative, all sorts of stuff I didn't know, even after a lifetime of asthma.



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Well done Angela. Great result. So many people benefit so much from PR it is such a shame that it is not available to all. Have a good Christmas. x

Great news - sooo pleased for you.

Love C xxx

That's fantastic news well done you must have worked hard.

I'm just doing my course now, hope it helps my lung function.

Kim xxxxxxx

Thank you all for your kind comments. Kim, it WILL help if you keep it up!!

Well done Angela.PR is a fantastic way of getting all round improvement.

Join a local Breathe Easy group for friendship,it will improve your outlook on life and increase your wellbeing


i agree to breath easy group and pulmory rehab both have helped me loads...

Yay keep on with the Asthma nurses advice and aim higher go girl :-)

Great news and it shows (despite what a minority of people on even this site say) that you can improve lung function if you do the right things. You are living proof of this! Well done.

COPD is not an automatic declining situation if the right things are done and if we can protect against infections as much as possible.

Lynne xx

Thanks again all. There is no local Breathe Easy group in Bracknell unfortunately, maybe I could nag my asthma nurse to get one started. I've been told that Bracknell is one of the worst places in the country for asthma/COPD so I think we should have one!

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Starting a Group

Breathe Easy groups are run by people who have experience of living with lung disease. If there isn’t a Breathe Easy group in your local area we might be able to put you in touch with others who are interested in setting up a group.

New groups do best when:

There are at least 6 people involved in getting going

They have the support of local healthcare professionals

They take time to plan an interesting programme focused on living with lung disease

To speak to someone about starting up a group, contact the Development Officer in your regional/national office.

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Thanks Yamir, will certainly give it some thought and maybe chat with my COPD nurse about it - not til next year now though!

Really great news, PR is a real benifit but you must keep up the exercises :-)

Best wishes


Have just been out with the dog for 45 minutes, occasionally brisk, walking. Last half hour didn't even need to have a break (oh, but I stopped once to get busy with a little black plastic bag...)

Last time mine had improved just a little, it made me feel fantastic - just a simple little thing like that. Feeling a bit grotty at the moment, just can't get right since cracking my ribs, been five weeks ago.

Lib x

Yes, it certainly gives you a lift, any improvement is great, hope to improve even more next time I go.

Fantastic news, keep up the good work, have a lovely Christmas.


Great news! :-)

Enjoy your news and have a great Christmas.

Fantastic Sylvsmum! Isn't PR fantastic? It makes so much difference on many levels. And of course it continues to work if we keep up the exercises. There are many occasions when I think, oh I can't be bothered ! But I do bother and always feel so much better afterwards.

No one from the PR group I attended this summer has gone onto attend the local Respiratory Exercise group or buddy group at the gym! I guess it is easier in the short term not to bother, and we all know it is worse in the long term. So I for one am looking forward to the long term benefits of regular exercise and I am in a better this winter, ths year because of it.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a Great 2013! :-)

Thanks Polly, totally agree, and think I would be even better if I did the exercises more! However, I am retired and at a frantic place in my life so get loads of exercise anyway! Got married in March this year (aged 68!!) and currently trying to sell husbands house, we are living in my house, while figuring out how to get the contents of a 4 bedroomed house into a 3 bedroomed house (which is already in need of de-cluttering) is a task in itself. Going backward and forward between the two, and the added trauma of son and family (who lived with me for a year) emigrating to NZ in September, leaving behind the dog (temporarily) and lots of STUFF. Phew, I am tired just reading what I wrote!!!

A quiet Christmas for us, and I do hope it is quiet and peaceful for all you lovely people on here.


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