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Why does all the info' say that it is "Smoking" that is the major cause of this. Yes, I did smoke but gave up when "Player No6" cost increased to 2/9d for 20, which is a very long time ago, plus a packet would like me a week!! so not a heavy smoker at all.

In my 40's I developed Asthma which has slowly got worse, I had a lung function test at the Dr's last week and as I have lost at least 1/5 of my breathing power, I now find myself with COPD.

Like others the weather plays a very large part in my ability to breath, I now find that I cannot walk and talk, and first thing in the morning is very hard as well, even after I have taken my inhaler.

If any one has any advice on how to improve things, I will say a very large "Thank You" in advance.

Please have a Happy & Healthy 2013.

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Hello and welcome

I would ring the helpline, they will give you all the advice for helping you improve how you feel and they are brilliant,

Kim xxxxxxxxxxx


Back on my hobbyhorse - try to get into a Pulmonary rehab group. Best thing I've done for years.


I am trying to get Pete into PR but the doctor has not heard back yet. He was apparently referred back in November but still nothing. Will wait until New Year and then start chasing. xxxxxx


Can take a while, I waited months, but it was worth it! In the meantime any simple exercise will help, just remember EVERYONE gets breathless after exercise, it is normal, not just because you have asthma/COPD.


Thanks for the reply and will be patient as I think it will do Pete good. He has sarcoidosis which caused scarring and that is why he has copd too. Hope you stay well and have a good Christmas. xxx


Hi, wow, the cheapest I remember No.6 they were £3/6d for 20, so you must have given up about 40 years ago! I can't honestly see that smoking has played any part in your copd, from what you say. I'm afraid some of us are just genetically predisposed to have these diseases. To lose a fifth of your lung function, to me, is manageable. (I had 24% lung function a couple of years ago and it's a lot worse now) and with medication and exercise you should be able to manage it ok. Your doctor could send you to the hospital for proper lung function tests which will show exactly what your condition is as copd is an umbrella tem which encompasses different lung diseases, and the consultant would prescribe the necessary medication. So far as I know, the test at the doctors only shows the amount of lung function and not the exact cause. Everyone is different though and I have noticed that people manage differently even though they may have the same amount of lung function. You mention an inhaler, there are lots of different drugs available, I have 3 different inhalers and 2 different tablets, maybe you need something more than just an inhaler. Also you can ask your doctor if you can go on a pulmonary rehab course which will teach you different methods of managing your illness. I do hope your lung function can be stablised and doesn't worsen and you can live a long and happy life! Libby x


Hi Libby

Yes, it was way over 40 years ago! when I gave up smoking Players No 6, how time flies.

I have an emergency inhaler, plus the one I use twice aday,I only take qty 1 tablet at night.

The COPD nurse at Dr's surgery said that there is a clinic that I can attend, but as I live in a small town, we have to wait until there are enough folk wanting to attend this clinic before it is being run!! Dare I say due to NHS cut backs?

Hay Ho and a bottle of rum as they say.


you do not say where you live or originate from breathlesslady, but I put the blame on London smog, the famouse pea soupers, Bronchitis was a standing joke when I was at school, everybody had it, the smogs were stopped and I moved to the coast to work but the damage had been done, I went allmost 50 years with little problem and then it came back with a vengence, COPD, perhaps because I moved back to a big city. As for your morning difficulties, go slow and allow your meds to work, I get up at 06:30 and I am not functional untill 10:00, if I try to anything that requires effort I can't breath, even after taking the inhaler. You have to adapt you way of life to suit your capabilities.

Best of luck Kaiserdad


Hi Kaiserdad

I have only lived in a small village, and now I live in a small town, so I cannot blame it on the smog, mind you you cannot beat a good coal or wood fire, now gas heating, electic is far to dry for me.

It is taking me approx 1 hour at the moment, to feel like taking on the world so to speak.

I know that things have to slow down, or I cannot manage to do things, but that is very hard at the start to learn to do this, I was slow enough before.

Take good care of yourself


hi breathlesslady, i gave up smoking 41 yrs ago, but was told i could still get emphsema years later,

i didnt get emphsema but got bronchiectasis due to T.B 55yrs ago and i was dianosed 5mths ago



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