When Inhalers Are Not Enough

I don't know why but every single inhaler I have seems to make me cough so much and at times it makes me sick. I can't afford to lose weight and I feel like the hospital just give out medication willy nilly to get you out of the office. Sometimes I wonder why they prescribe these things and never ask you how they affect you. It's so frustrating that the Dr's don't have the time to listen to you now adays. " I am having difficulty in breathing Dr" I'm just ignored the whole time. Am I alone in feeling like this?

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  • Do you have a respiratory consultant at the hospital and have you had a proper lung function test there ? This would make sure you are on the correct medicine. .

  • Hi Missy_Miles

    Why don't you call us on the BLF Helpline - 03000 030 555 - and have a chat with one of our respiratory nurses - they have plenty of time to listen and answer any questions you have - so that they next time you visit your doctor you have a "plan of action".



  • Good call getting time with a listener before finding another doctor or fixing things with the one that knows the case saving time on doing trials again.

  • Puffthemagicdragon as far as I am aware my consultant at the hospital specializes in Lung disease, I was diagnosed 8 years ago with emphysema and last year I was also dianosed with bronchiectasis, I was told by a nurse at the hospital they don't carry out Lung Function tests every year, in the last 8 years I have had 2 of them. Markpilling I have made a note of this number and will definitely calling so Thank You for that. I must admit that I am slowly loosing faith in the NHS service at my local hospital. I try not to let this get me down but I think this week I have just about had enough of being so ill. At 46 I should be full of life but right now I feel like a old lady ready to throw in the towel.

  • Hi Missy_Miles

    It does sound like you need to review the medication you're on, if the inhalers are not working then they can be changed for a different one. I went through quite a few combinations before I found the ones that work for me - but we're all different, so there's no point me saying 'try this, or that' as it may not be right for you.

    As suggested, ring one of the BLF nurses and they can go through it all with you. They may be able to give you suggestions as to what to say to the consultant or his staff to sort this out for you.

    Many of us here are suffering similar things and are trying to get by as well, even with inhalers we still pant and wheeze along and have side effects we don't like.

    Each NHS Trust and/or GP practise have their own rules as to how often you are tested. If you're only showing mild symptoms then it may be a few years apart, if you are really bad then they should be trying to find out why, not just packing you off, by arranging a test.

    My own GP practise arrange a spiro every year. I don't always get to it as you have to be off any antibiotics for a week or more, and I've not been able to make arrangements with them until quite recently. My last surgery test was in 2009 until this week. It works both ways in that respect.

  • Hello Miss Miles , I can only suggest you ring the BLF helpline, they were there for me when my GP and 'respiration nurse' or should I say 'unhelpful nurse' failed to offer any support.

    I hope you can find help soon x

  • I didn't mension but I have severe emphysema. Whatever that means in the medical terms.

  • Hi Miss Miles, good idea to chat to the helpline but it also worth while talking to your local pharmacist - they are very knowledgeable about what is on the market. Might give you a bit more ammo if you are going back to your "unhelpful" specialists. Be prepared to look for another doctor tho if you think you are not getting the help you need.

    Like Gordon I have a specialist nurse at the surgery and I have a spirometry test annually, I also see a consultant once a year and have a test then too. As has been said not everyone follows this pattern. Be interesting to see what happens up and down the country!!

    Difficult I know but try not to get too dispirited; if you can get your meds changed it will make all the difference


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