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Volumetric spacer

Hi Gorden we've missed you. Hope you are well. Thank-you everyone with all your reponseds. My G P will not listen that I have to change the spacer every 6 months. I gave him a copy of the NHS site whicsertideh says that it must be changed he said it is not a Welsh NHS site he will look into it.

I phone my Consultant secretary and had a good chat with her she told me she will sort this one anyway just had a letter and prescription for a spacer and she CC the leter to the Dr stating it is there policy to change the spacer ever 6-12 months it must be changed due to using seretide 250 Thank-you everyone, for your support merry Christmas to all of you xx

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Good result ! Well done. Shame your GP could not do this for you & you had to enlist the consultants help!

Merry Christmas

Best wishes

Jo :-)


I just got a new spacer, via my GP, with no problem at all. Then again, she says there's no record of my having had a new one for at least 2 years - oops. This time I've been given one with the face mask attached, rather than the mouthpiece. Feels odd using it.

The leaflet that comes with it says "...may need to be replaced after 12 months use.", guess it's down to the GP to decide. If there is a specific drug being used that causes the device to become contaminated then there's a case for changing it more often.

I use 3 different inhalers daily through the spacer and wash it thoroughly about every couple of weeks. Any longer and it seems to be misting up inside with the powder that gets attached.


Hi Gordon

nice to have you back, i have a spacer and they do seem to mist up, i have always enjoyed your messages, so may they continue and have a good happy christmas

love jan xx


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