Spiromitry test normal??

My mum has copd, chest problems in her family, i always have a cough, especially going from wArm to cold etc . Had the spiromitary test about 4 years ago and was told nothing wrong. The gp even said i never had a cough, my family will tell you otherwise. I have a new gp but am not keen pn going through the same again. My mother has dx copd and i look after her, we all know i have it aswell, but gp said i didn't . Its not bad for me i do nit vomit from coughing yet. How do you get dx when spiromitry says you dont have a problem

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  • Maybe I am wrong but you sound fairly young, either way I feel you need a second opinion. Chase your new GP, make yourself felt and insist on a second opinion or a referral.

    Acceptable health is worth working for so GO FOR IT!!

    Not sure what dx is - I need educating. Best wishes and love from Annie80

  • Hi i am 53 my mum 75, dx = diagnosis :-)

  • Not sure if doing this right dx = diagnosis.

    I am 54 my mum is 75

  • Gained a year between posts and even my keyboard ain't that slow.

    Still a youngster among the seniors :-)

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