I cant even begin to thankyou al for your kind thoughts and wishes for my hubbys operation today xxxxxxx just the thought of reading these posts really makes me feel as if we are not alone, he (my hubby keith) has been saying some weird things over the weekend, but I have just put it down to nerves and ignored it. So this is a very Big Thankyou from the bottom of my heart, Take care everybody Julia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Let us know how it goes and how you are, remember to take care of you ,you need to keep your strength up! we will be keeping you in our thoughts and hearts today, all the very best wishes for a speedy recovery. Carol xxxx

  • Will be thinking of you both. Mary. xxx

  • Thinking of you, it's always a worry. Won't it be great for it to be all over for Christmas though.

    Lynne xx

  • Thinking of you and wishing you all the very best TAD xx

  • in my thoughts and prayers hun remember to take care of yourself your going to need all your strength for him afterwards xxxx

  • In my thoughts and prayers.

    Kim xxx

  • I'll be thinking of the both of you...

    Diane xx

  • Julia and Keith

    Stay strong - my thoughts are with you both. xxx

  • Thinking of you both and wishing you the very best. Take care. xxxxxx

  • our prayers are withyou both

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