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Hello everyone, I joined BLF a few months ago and although i have looked on the forum every night,ive been too shy to come in,so here goes.It has been a big help to me coming on to the forum,I like many of you have COPD,Im in my early 60s and have suffered it since I was about 50 so to be able to relate to people with the same illness is so comforting,especially as i live on my own so have no one to confide in,many thanks to the (BLF) and of course you people out there who subscribe to the forum. Phew that took some doing but now ive jumped the 1st hurdle, I will be back.Mike.

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  • Well done Mike. You have done the hardest thing talking to us. Now you have broken the ice don't be a stranger. There is a great bunch of people on here who understand what you are going through. You will get all the support and understanding from us all here.


    Bev xx

  • Welcome Mike

  • Don't be a stranger Mike. We're all her to help each other.

  • Welcome Mike

    See it was easy!! Well done?


  • Hello Mike and welcome - now you've jumped the first hurdle looking forward to you coming back again and again. Theres some loverly people here who will be there to help and surport you. Take care BBx

  • Thank you.

  • congratulations on writing your first blog hope it s one of many you will get lots of help when you need it from the lovely people on here I only joined in July have had help and advice when needed have cried at some of the stories laughed until ive nearly choked at others but mainly feel im with friends So welcome and stay around Mike xx

  • I would like to thank you all for such a wonderful response,Mike

  • Hello and welcome Mike. I'm a newbie too but I can assure you that now you've taken the plunge you'll find this forum full of helpful, friendly people. Don't let your shyness deprive you of the help, support and friendship that is available here.

    FB :-)

  • Hey Mike,

    Glad you posted your first blog here. Mostly this is a self help group. Those of us with experiences good and bad share them so others can learn.

    Any time you have a question, ask it. Someone will answer. Even if it seems like something too simple to bother with, you will get a sensible answer, because we remember being new to the group or new to COPD and having all sorts of doubts and fears.

    As far as I am concerned, there is only one stupid question. The one someone failed to ask!

    Breathe easy


  • Hello and welcome. ;)

  • Hi Mike - It is so reassuring to know there are other people with COPD and can offer advise - I have found it so useful, hope you do too! TAD xx

  • Hi Mike and welcome. This is a great site and as you have probably gathered we are all at different stages with COPD, so there is always someone with great advice.

    I too have joined BLF and find their magazine and help really informative. I would recommend anyone who hasn't done so to take the plunge.

    I just wish there was a Breathe Easy group nearer to me. The nearest is about 12 miles away.

    Lynne xx

  • Hi Mike, its a pleasure to meet you!! Carol xxx :)

  • Hi Mike and welcome it took me a while to write anything so dnt be worried your not alone, hope you find the site helpful which im sure you will, anything you want to know just ask best wishes debs xx

  • Hello Mike

    I also joined this year and everyone on here is great, and having the helpline is a bonus. Come back and chat we are all in the same boat.

    Kim xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Mike so glad you have joined in this very friendly, helpful and sometimes whacky group!! Everyone is so supportive. There are many people on here who are alone and by golly it helps to have someone to talk to about problems. Take care and do return even if its only to natter - on reflection women do that not men!!! ha ha Lizzie

  • Hallo Mike,welcome to the group.I only recently joined,but was made to feel so welcome.

    Hope your copd is under control at the moment,if not let everyone know,we've all been there,

    Cheers Wendells xxx

  • Good morning Mike, glad you have joined us.

    Lib x

  • Hi Mike and a big welcome. You will find many friends hear, we can all relate to the issues you are dealing with because we have been there ourselves. Don`t be afraid to ask questions no matter how trivial or silly they may seem because we all ask them. The people here become an extended part of your family, although our close family are brilliant its so nice and reasuring to speak to people who really understand how difficult things can be from one day to the next. When I first joined I was scared stiff, I did`nt understand the condition nor did I know who I could talk to, I came across this site and was a long time before I plucked up the courage to put down in writing how I was feeling and then ta-da it`s been wonderful.

    Don`t be a stranger, you will be supported and feel better knowing your not alone.

    Regards Linda

  • Welcome Mike and hope to hear from you again soon. Everyone is very kind and supportive so ask questions and make comments as you see fit. You will never be alone on this site. Take care and have a great Christmas. Hope you are doing something nice. sassy59 xxx

  • I think by now you will have found out that you have made many new friends. No moe feeling lonely at least most of the time. Do have a happy Chirstmas. love Annie80

  • A very warm welcome! Isn't this a fab site!

  • Welcome Mike you may have inspired me to do my first post. I joined in August and have never had that lonely isolated feeling about this illness since. Look forward to hearing more from you.

  • Hello Mike welcome to the gang.

  • Hi Mike

    I have a similar story to yours and yes you're right - feel less isolated and get lots of support and info on here :) x

  • Hi Mike, I am fairly new on here myself and am answering questions and have posted a couple of blogs already. I've found myself feeling in a better frame of mind already, just know there are others out there in a similar position helps no end and no matter what you are going through, there is always someone who has gone through it and knows exactly how you feel. No-one knows what goes on in the head of a person with a chronic disease or life threatening illness except someone who is in the same position. Don't be a stranger! Libby x

  • Hello Mike, Welcome. Well done, the first hurdle is always the most daunting but once on here you will be pleased you took that first step. So many nice genuine people with the same complaints, and very helpful advice too. I am so pleased that I joined, you will be also.

    Never be afraid to ask questions, we all understand. Look forward to hearing more from you.

    Breathe Easy

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