black phlegm

Hi all i have emphysema 43% on my last blow test , i walk everyday with my Hubby i have to keep stopping of course but i push on and i get there , just lately i have been getting black phlegm up , is this normal in emphysema ? and has anyone else experienced this i had an infection 3 weeks ago took my steroids and anti bio's , should i see my doctor ? , i had a cat scan three months ago revealed no cancer but clearly showed up emphysema .

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My condition bronchiectasis, inevitable chest infections. I have noticed weird coloured sputum, very dark brown in colour. Reported it to the BLF nurse BUT you should have a word with someone, and save a specimen. Love Annie80

I have had this a few times through stomach reflux. after a couple of cough ups it turns back to normal colour. Mention it to your respiratory nurse though.

best always to see your doc is there is anything unusual. x

Thanks for your reply's, the black phlegm has gone now , i told my GP and he said sometimes it's a good sign in emphysema because im walking everyday i got rid of some nasty stuff from my lungs .

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