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Bronchiectasis - diet

With a chest condition are there any foods that would help? Also supplementary foods?

Also any foods to be avoided. I have read so much good advice that \I would like it condensed.

I have explored all the older blogs but lost my way - they aren't alphabetical. Not a problem!

I am checking out on ribwort plantain. Thanks everybody. Bye from Annie80

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Depends what meds you are on. Grapefruit is one to avoid with a lot of drugs Annie80.

Also if you are on Warfarin to avoid blood clots you need to watch your intake of green veg and don't touch Cranberries.

Hope this helps a bit. Or you can Join Bronchiectasisrus on the internet and ask over 1,500 sufferers questions. They will be happy to help you.



Thanks Gwen. Not keen on grapefruit and not on warfarin.

I have thought about joining brochiectasisrus, American based - I will drop in and have a look.

Appreciate your response - Happy Christmas - love Annie80


Hi Annie

Do you mean you are American based or Bronchiectasis R Us is. BRUS, although it has members internationally was formed and is still run by a wonderful English young lady we all love to bits - it's not Americal based. It is very interesting to see how other folks health systems work and wherever folks are from they are very clued up on bronch for sure.

Love to see you in both places

Love C XXX


Thanks cofdrop I will certainly have a look at the Brus. forum after Christmas. Thanks for the info. love annie80


I made a booboo in the members at Brus, it's not 1,000 plus, it's 2,000 plus and member are from all over the world.

Started By Angel and a non Bronch friend, it has gone from strength to strength, and as cofdrop says it is British group but available to all the world.

Have a lovely Christmas and we look forward to maybe seeing you on bronchiectasisrus next year.



Thanks for the info. I will look forward to visiting - love Annie80


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