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Personal Independence Payment

A statement from the DWP confirmed that lower rate DLA payments will be removed with the introduction of PIP (Personal Independence Payment) and the review date for the majority receiving DLA at above low will no begin until 2015.


Proof of support for those with greatest need that was promised when the changes were proposed by the previous minister for the disabled

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Thank you for this link airsep.



Thank you for the link


Hi I read about PIP ages ago. I said that my interpretation is that the lower rate was going. Someone said that wasn't true. Its nice to know I havent't lost all my brains yet....

Thanks for the link

Bev x


The real scare story here also ,is that movability are expecting 100,000 cars to be returned.

Typical of this bunch of callous swines in government,they are already saying how much they will reduce welfare payments ,before the rotten and corrupt French company have even examined anyone.

Without a doubt they are lowering the criteria ,but trying to tell us they are doing this for our own good.



The cars that are given back from the half million that will be removed if the media are correct with reports of how it will affect the economy not just car makers but all the things that the benefits were spent on. The only sign of any listening is it will be slower than first statements said it would be for the ones already claiming.


Hi, thanks for your post. However, although the "lower rate" will no longer exist, many people currently receiving it will be moved up to the new "lower rate", So, although a lot of people won't receive it any more, others will receive more. This is to weed out the dishonest claimants but no doubt it will affect many genuine claimants. I only get the lower rate but am unable to do little for myself anymore. Whereas a relative of mine gets the higher rate as she needs someone with her in case she falls, she has one leg shorter than the other and a built up shoe. She also has a walking stick which she won't use. On the other hand, I can't walk more than a few yards and need a wheelchair. They don't seem to comprehend that I need someone to push it! She won't lose her entitlement as she is now a pensioner. Also, she has a husband to help whereas I am on my own. As everyone here knows, there is a huge difference between people with end stage empysema and someone with a short leg, and I just don't know what goes through the decision makers' heads. Although these new proposals will hopefully weed out some of the dishonest claimants, many of them will still prosper and I suspect the measures will be focused on getting people off the benefit rather than deciding who goes up to the new level and many of us will suffer as a result. grrrr! Am trying not to think about it too much, it's so worrying. Libby x


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