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hospital or not ?

my brother has IPF and right heart failure

he has been in hospital a number of times with chest infections and has vwry bad oedema

he is very ill and cannot move around at all

he has no appetite to eat, feels cold all the time and keeps falling asleep

are these things signs that he has taken a steep decline

he wants to have christmas in his own home ,should he go to hospital

oh its all such a mess !

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Nobody here can answer that question. My heart goes out to you and I hope that wherever he spends the Christmas period turns out to be the best place. xx


get medical advice immediately.good luck.x


Would agree with fishtail, good medical advice. Depending on your resources, go with your brothers wishes, wherever he is happiest providing he has good back up services. Anyway, I hope that you will have a peaceful Christmas given the circumstances. Love Annie80x


Defo get medical advice so you can make a more informed decision. Really difficult situation for you both and my heart goes out to you. I hope there is some support for you. Whatever you decide I hope you both have a peaceful Christmas.

Love C xxx


I agree medical advice then follow your brothers wishes within that advice, so messy when the heart and head collide over decisions.

Have the best time wherever it is as time is precious and it takes situations such as this for a reminder for all of us make the most of the time given.


Medical advice is the best way forward. He needs lots of checks done on him and then a decision could be made re: hospital or staying at home. I think tiredness is a very common thing with lung disease but he should get checked out today. Wait no longer. xxxx


cll the doctor to see him soon as possible,God luck,


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