Pete is ill and so near Christmas!

Pete had a nasty migraine type of attack on Wednesday and felt a bit rough on Thursday. He had been improving slowly since then and doing well but last night he started coughing at 11.20pm. I got up with him and sat downstairs for a while and then came back to bed. Pete watched t.v. until 3am and I was woken up by him shivering next to me in bed. He then went really hot and started to burn up. I think he has a chest infection now but the sarcoidosis is also working overtime it seems. He has kindly arranged a surprise birthday party for me on my 60th birthday next Sunday and of course there is Christmas to contend with. I am trying hard to stay positive and get him as well as possible but it is so distressing. Sorry to go on as I know everyone has their problems but this year of all years with our grandson's first christmas too. Long term illness is a pain in the a***! Stay well everyone. xxxx

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  • Love to you sassy and Peter, will keep you mind, hope he's on the mend soon x x

  • Hope Pete feels better soon. xx

  • Hoping Pete feels better very soon and don't forget to look after yourself. xx

  • Still got time before they shut up shop for Christmas to get sorted by the doc. Hope all turns out well for you both and Peter is feeling better soon and you enjoy all the celebrations you have coming up.


  • I do hope that things will sort themselves by Christmas for you, Sassy and Peter. It is such an emotional time of the year and you have some good things to look forward to. Your 60th - I was 21 when you were born. Grandchild as well to enjoy so I do hope things will be back to near normal.

    I agree with you about long term illess ==== I am ancient so must expect these annoying chest problems. Anyway I do hope that things will get better for you. And a healthiet New Year

  • Wish you well, I have gone down with a chest infection, can't seem to shake it, and I have all the family over for christmas, you do wonder how you'll cope with it all. I am also thoroughly fed up with always being ill. You take care, hopefully Peter will be well by Christmas and hopefully so will I. Take care Shirley x

  • Hi Sassey, wishing u both well and that everything turns out ok, it is the time of year for infections im on 2nd lot of treatment seems to go on for weeks but there is light at the end of the tunnel, and enjoy xmas with your grandson sounds great xxx

  • thanks everyone for your kind, supportive comments. They have lifted my spirits already (no I don't mean g&t either). It is good to know such amazing people are out there and I hope that all who are ill get well very, very soon. Pete has antibiotics at the moment but we can always get more if needed. Onward and upward! Merry Christmas and Happy, healthy 2013 to you all. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I hope Pete feels better soon and you both get to enjoy your Grandsons first Christmas.

  • Looking forward to it whatever happens as grandson is so lovely. Only 6 months old and grabbing my glasses off my face. xxxxxxx

  • Sorry Sassy. Hope Pete feels better soon and you all have a great xmas.

    Bev xx

  • Cheers Bev and have a great Christmas. xxxxx

  • How disappointing and worrying. I feel very sorry for you both. Hope that he starts to feel better very soon. Take good care. TAD xx

  • Thanks for the kind support TAD. I am keeping everything crossed! Take care too. sassy59 xx

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