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Medication for Christmas

Just a reminder to check you have enough supplies to last you over Christmas and the new year.

Have a happy and well Christmas


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Good advice and I picked up my prescription for my rescue pack yesterday.

Lynne xx


Good reminder, I have my supply in but I noted this year the surgery and pharmacy said they are only issuing a months supply of meds at a time now. So in the future it might be best to make sure repeat perscriptions are obtained 2-3 weeks before the month supply expires.

Be Safe, breathe easy and have a great Christmas everyone.

Zoee x


My husband is super organized bless him, I have my usual medication up to february and emergency pack all ready so hopefully I'm all set.

Kim xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


All done


Thank you! I was just thinking about that, and not aware of the fact there's so little time until Christmas. Busy time for GP's !

Happy Christmas to everyone!


great reminder. also a good idea to find out when local medical services are open during the hols - docs and clinics and chemists . having emergency numbers to hand are good - ps you can get emergency app for your mobile so you can immediately alert a close relative/ pal or three. x


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