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Has anyone been given this new COPD drug?

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My Good Housekeeping magazine (January issue) has a letter from the wife of a person with COPD. The question is about inhalers. What I noticed in the reply was the following:

"An alternative to Spiriva called Eklira Genuair has just been licensed. It's a new kind of inhaler that clicks and has a colour-change window when the dose has been breathed in, so you know it's been taken properly"

I wondered if anyone had been put on it?

What I'm not sure is whether its the same drug (tiotropium) or something new.

Lynne xx

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Apparently it contains aclidinium bromide.

This article mentions tiotropium. Published 13/12/2012.


Bromide??? Isn't that what was given to soldiers to keep them away from the ladies??? :D :D

Thanks Puff. That's interesting. Also that the patent for Tiotropium expires in 2015 and this new drug is cheaper but no more effective.

Lynne xx

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The nurse at our breath easy group demonstrated it to us last week. She said that it was for people who couldn't tolerate spiriva. :)

Spiriva has over 70% of the UK market and the other drugs companies want some of that market it is just a different selling point making it easier for elderly patients that already have Respimat version of Spiriva.

Important to note from the MTRAC report "No fully published adequately designed trials have compared aclidinium bromide with other long-acting bronchodilators (e.g. tiotropium)"

Seems it's being touted as an alternative to Spiriva but "There is insufficient evidence to support a switch in prescribing from tiotropium to aclidinium bromide in patients already receiving treatment COPD."

I also noted that it was suggested as being more suitable for newly diagnosed patients.

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Hey great to see you Gordon....hope you are getting better and feeling fitter!

Bev x

Hi, I don't know if other have experienced this, but whenever my copd nurse encourages me to try a new inhaler I always end up feeling worse and more out of breath. Maybe it's wrong, but I now always say no thanks, I'll stick with what I've got! They never push it and maybe if one day there is a new miracle inhaler out there, then they would push it and I'll try it. Libby x

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carolg1 in reply to libby7827

Hi Libby, My chemist advised me to try a new inhaler instead of spiriva Ci-bree, I have noticed much improvement of my breathing, although there is no change in my PND which is gross and clogs my airways up but I think the Si-bree or Ce-bree is very very good x

It's all very interesting and certainly worth knowing the above facts in case it is suggested that any of us switch. I am very happy with Spiriva myself, so in no rush to change.

Lynne xx

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Yes I am happy with spiriva. Though I do prefer the puffer rather than the tablet one. But my nurse said there were problems with the puffer and it has now been withdrawn.

Bev x

That's interesting Bev, do you mean the hand inhaler as I am still getting that issued?

Lynne xx

That was handihaler xx

I was taken off Spiriva Respimat inhaler last week by the consultant because he said it is causing heart problems, he changed it to Atrovent Inhaler, however when I told the receptionist at my GP's surgery she said good job they changed it because the Spiriva was £38.00 and it was draining the Dr's budget and the new inhaler (Atrovent) was better as it costs (under £5.00) In all honesty no matter what inhaler I use it makes me cough so bad after each spray I sometimes throw up. I am sick of feeling so unwell.

I am new to all this using spiriva daily one capsule diagnosed with mild copd. Do not know what to expect but just out f hospital treated for quinsy never hospitalised before on emergency basis don't know whether connected?

When I went to see my Nurse at the clinic yesterday she told me to stop taking Spiriva Respimat (I have been on this for 5+ years). The reason was the discovery that it may cause cardiac problems and it was as a caution. I was prescribed Eklira one puff twice a day as opposed to Spiriva 0nce a day. It is very easy to take but early days as to effect. I will keep you informed.

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Hi Donald, I understood it was only the Spiriva Respimat where there may be a situation of at risk groups (those already with cardiac problem) The Spiriva handihaler was considered ok, at least it was last I read on it.



Of course Spiriva used in the handihaler could have drug interactions with other medicines you may already be prescribed and this may be another reason for the change.

Very interested to hear how you find using the Eklira. Is this also a mist inhaler like respimat or a powder inhaler like ventolin? I will look forward to your update on experiences using this drug.

Best wishes


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Donald in reply to Hidden

Hi. I was offered either the capsule refiller type or the pre-loaded aerosol type, I chose the easier mist one. Will keep you updated. How times have changed since I retired as a Paramedic 12 years ago!!!

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Donald in reply to Donald

I must add that my respiratory Nurse and my GP are first class and really care - Pity I will be moving shortly and must find another surgery.

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Toci in reply to Donald

Would be interested to hear how you get along with this Donald as there is talk of me being changed onto it.

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Donald in reply to Toci

Will keep you updated

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Thanks Donald, here's hoping your move goes smoothly and the new surgery, doctor and nurse will be just as caring and first class too.

Best wishes BC

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Thinking of you Lynne xox

I tried Spiriva and after about three weeks had trouble peeing, one of the possible side effects.

I just called the pharmacy and got the ball rolling on Genuair. I'm in Canada and drugs can be slow betting approval.

I have COPD....but just lately my breathing has got worse......I have put on weight which hopefully will lose.....I'm on Spiriva, Fostair and Ventoline......is this new Inhaler just for COPD sufferers.....as its really getting me down now

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Hi pemily. My friend is using this inhaler Eklura. Genuair fir COPD. she thinks it's a wonder drug. So much better than Spiriva. Might not be the same for everyone but worth a try.

Hi Lynne, yes I have that inhaler, acidinium bromide, the window goes green and then when you use it then it goes back to red.. I have been on it for a year, I take it twice a day morning and evening , it's very good and does work, I'm im severe stage copd, I can't breath when I get up but when I have taken my inhaler it does work and sorts my breathing out..I was put on it when it first come out, maybe ask your doc because not everyone can have it.. Good luck.. I wouldn't be without mine as I think it's the only one that does anything x

I have an inhaler called 'Aeromir' which fires into your throat the correct amount of salbutamol. It saves you having to make the effort of inhaling, and , as such, allows you to recover a bit before the second inhalation. I find it better then a regular inhaler.

I was taken off Spiriva Respimat over a year ago ( because of costs ) i was told - I took that down very easily - I have had at least 4 different devices since the latest being Eklira Genuair and this is just as bad, None of the powder even gets past my throat - it fills my mouth each time - so for 18 months I have had no treatment . This initially made me think wow this is bad but to be honest I am wondering if any of these make a difference, Fostair is brilliant used with the device , I have been on that type for 25 years and as my first doctor said it was my protector and as I can use the aerochamber to get this down ,,thats fine . I cant do this with the powder - Sorry to write so much but hoping that someone else who gets a pat on the back for how easily they can breath out,,,which i can - I just can't suck it up. I just wish I could have the Spiriva Respimat on prescription again.

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