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Giving up smoking

this is my first time on this site - have been reading posts for a couple of days and thought I would jump in and have a word about giving up smoking. I have recently been in hospital with a bad chest infection and heart complications and one of the nurses suggested I try electronic cigarettes to help me stop smoking. Found I could buy them at Tesco and have been using them since I came out of hospital and am now smoke free since 13 November!

Hope this helps anyone out there who may be struggling to give up a bad habit of a lifetime. It's working for me (keep your fingers crossed)

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I'm so pleased its working for you! well done! you're giving yourself the best gift ever! and just think of how much you will save,yeay!!!xxx

Whatever you use must be better than real cigarettes. Well done.

Auntymary xx

My son is trying to give up smoking by using these electronic cigarette's so I'm hopefull that it works for him. I will show him your message which can only help him. Thanks Pisces 43.

Thank you all. Dall05 I hope they work for your son as well as they are working for me.

Well done for giving up, I used the electronic cigarette for about 6 weeks then found I didn't need it anymore I'm a year this month, so they do work. xxx

well done on making the decision to stop smoking,like you i have medical problems one being( copd) a lung problem.From the day i was told i had this problem i made the decision to stop smoking.I had been smoking for a long time (35 yrs) ,i have tried many things to help me to be smoke free with no joy.I didnt think that i could do it but with the help of the electric cigarette i have been 12 MONTHS smoke free.I really feel better my breathing is not as laboured i can taste food better,i dont smell like a dirty ash tray,my home smells fresher,and i have saved enough money to buy a new lounge carpet.Anybody wanting to stop smoking i truly recommend they try the electric cigarette and good luck to anybody who tries to stop.Well done again pisces43.

well done keep it up. I too had bronchitis wasn't hospitalised but came home from docs and threw all the smoking paraphernalia in the bin and haven't smoked since October 1st. Am proud of you as it isn't easy to do and I used to come on here for support when I was crawling up the wall. However, thanks to the lovely people on here I am still a non smoker, like you and happy to be so. Keep going - Aunty Mary on here has lots of tips for getting through the difficult moments. The greatest Christmas present you could have given yourself jolly well done. Lizzie

Wow! Thank you for all the support - you guys are the best!

WELLDONE - for givng up the ciggies pisces you should be proud of yourself and think of the extra money you will have in the new year. and hello welcome to the site - by any chance is your birthday in March just curious because of your site name! take care BB


Very well done pisces, thanks for the blog and welcome

Welcome to the blog,I am a newbie also, and already so many wonderful people have made me very welcome.

Some years ago,I was trying hard to give up the smokes,tried a few things without much success.

One day someone said to me, its easy,just DONT put it in your mouth!! Every time I was tempted I heard that voice,and never smoked again since!!

I know this wont work for everyone,but think about it....!

Wishing you a Happy Xmas, Wendells xx

Hi and well done you, glad you have found something which has helped you benefit keep up the good work and treat yourself xx

many congrats :)

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