Operation over,lungs behaved!!

Hallo everybody,thanks so much for the lovely comments i read,on the way to hospital!!

Glad to say all went well,lungs behaved, and no problem with the anasthetic at all.(After respiratory spec.giving me so many dire warnings!)

Have to take things easy for a bit,but will look forward to a nice xmas lunch.

After seeing so many truly ill people here at the hospital,it realy opens your eyes, to the blessings in your own life.

However breathless etc. we get,and all the frustrations with it,we can still enjoy a lot of things.

I feel very humbled,witnessing what some dear souls are going through.

Anyway on a brighter note,do hope you are all looking after yourselves,and wrapped up nice and warm,whilst we try and stay cool in the airconditioning!!

With kind thoughts to you all,Love Wendells xxx

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  • Glad you are ok Wendells, keep cool :) and I'll keep warm :)

  • Hi Wendells. Glad to hear the operation was a success and your good attitude to life will have helped as any operation is always a risk and causes anxiety to ourselves and those near to us. Thanks for posting so soon to let us all know and the reminder how much worse some others must be feeling and dealing with. Next time I get annoyed with my condition I shall make a point of visiting a hospital as I agree it really does put things into perspective. Hope you continue to improve and oh for a sunny day and the need for an airconditioner. All the best and take care of yourself x

  • Hi Wendells, glad you are recovering well from your operation. I think it's something we with copd all dread. Have a good stay and enjoy being looked adtw. Best wishes. Libby x

  • So glad the op is over and all is well. Take care of yourself.

  • Pleased all went well. Hope your recovery continues and that you enjoy your Christmas. x

  • Really happy it went well. Onwards and upwards now.

    Lynne xx

  • Great to know you are over the op, I hope you continue to heal well and stay positive,enjoy your Christmas celebrations! ,hugs Carolx

  • Hi good to know you are over the op. Have a great christmas - you deserve it.

    Bev xx

  • Welcome back, have a good rest and prepare yourself for Christmas.


  • Take care Wendells and enjoy your Christmas lunch. xxxxxx

  • Lovely news Wendalls, as you say keep warm try not to stress which can be very difficult at times love jan xx

  • Good news sweet - onwards and upwards - plenty of r and r.

    Love C xxx

  • So pleased Wendalls, Al behind you - have a happy Christmas from Annie80

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