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Pain with breathing

I went to the Dr's this morning as I have developed a pain in my right side around the rib area. I is painful when I take deep breaths. I am also getting some pain in my back above my shoulder blades (although it isn't permenant there).

I have been a bit breathless & have had a hoarse voise for a couple of weeks.

She listened to my back and said there didn't seem to be any infection and that if the pain hadn't eased by Saturday I should start my anti-biotics.

Does this ring any bells with anyone. I have COPD, & although it is moderate I cope fairly well with it.

Any help would be appreciated.

I will be in and out of here, it's my husbands 60th and all the grandchildren are coming around.


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hi Dolly,i too get pain around my ribs and in my back and shoulder blades quite often,my respiritory nurse advised me to take a couple of could also try a hot water bottle to the back etc.try and have a rest too,put your feet up,close your eyes for half hour.everything will still be in the same place where you left


I occasionally get pain like that. I have been told it is due to the intercostal muscles tightening up through 1) not being able to fully expand the lungs due to COPD and 2) the colder weather.

Probably not an issue unless you have other issues.

Lynne xx


I too get a pain in my shoulder blades and back, always right side. Pain radiates up to my jaw. have mentioned this before on other blogs, had a camera down, plus a scan and was told it was due to an aggrevated nerve but I think they said that because they'd no other ideas, so can't be too serious, I agree with Lynne it's to do withg COPD and muscles tightening up.

Lib x


Right sided pain radiating to back and shoulder blades is a symptom of mild gall bladder problems, it's quite common I believe and apparently it is not easy to diagnose, won't show up on camera, not sure about scan.

This was just a thought, I hope it's gone away for you all, we have enough problems with our breathing don't we.



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