Is it the weather, is it the run up to Christmas, is it my cracked ribs or is it just me

Feel lethargic, misserable, can't be bothered to do anything, just sit and stare at the fire. Can't be depression 'cause I'm on ADs. Might be that I'm still getting over cracked ribs but that happened three weeks ago, might be pre-Christmas blues, but think I'll put it down to the damp, cold, foggy, depressing weather. Have a load of presents to wrap - can't be bothered.

Think I read a post by Polly who said she was feeling rough.

Lib x

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  • Just remember that today is a day nearer to the warmth and bright days of summer.

  • I'm with you on that one!

  • I think we all feel like that, Libby, at times.. You dont say whether you live on your own. Maybe you are affected by the weather. You did the right thing in writing. The fact that you have presents to wrap means that you have people around you. Christmas is a funny old time, artificial in some ways, but it will lead to the New Year and the spring. Dont know whether you have a garden - watch all the bulbs coming up. Love from Annie

  • Thankyou, shouldn't have moaned. I have a fantastic husband, all the family coming for Christmas, just feel under the weather. Going to count my blessings right now. Think it's all to do with cracking my ribs, still a bit difficult breathing which frightens me.

    Lib x

  • Hope you feel a bit better soon Lib. Just take it easy on yourself and give those poor ribs time to heal. I'm about to have a coffee and wrap some gifts myself now, so will think of you as I do it - sending you lots of love and the gentlest of hugs, P x

  • Libby, take it from me - cracked ribs take longer to heal than 3 weeks. I fell downstairs earlier in the year and cracked some of mine. I reckon it took about 8 weeks.

    Lynne xx

  • Hi Libby I have been feeling a bit rough lately I put it down to having to go out a few times last week in the really cold weather, probably picked up a bug. I have to go out tomorrow so I have sorted my thermal vest out and will be putting several layers on top wrapped up in a big scarf.

    I went to a funeral last week and as we were leaving a lady from our Breathe Easy group came to say goodbye and gave us all a kiss on the cheek, then someone said "oh what a shame she does have a bad cold" errrrrgh, thought she would have known better.

    Must say I am much better today and have done some present wrapping.

    I hope you will be well enough to do yours soon :-) give yourself time to heal.

    polly xx

  • Whatever is causing it needs a break libbygood on an up soon :-)

  • Hope you feel better soon. xx

  • Maybe you need to up your dose of AD during the winter, its what I do and my GP is quite happy to let me decide. Whatever it is I hope you feel better very soon. xx

  • Hope you're feeling a little better Libby, I'm putting a 'sad' lamp on my wish list,I think some sunshine and more healing time is needed for you! Christmas can be a very emotional and draining time for lots of people. :) xxx

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