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Just spoken to someone from Age Cymru about help filling in my A A forms. She doesnt hold out much hope that I will get it because I can look after my personal stuff myself. My husband does the cooking, shopping, the heavy housework and takes me to hospital appointments,

We heat the house with a wood burning Rayburn which my doc has told me not to use so the only heating I have now is an electric fire in the living room. We live in a rented house so cant change the heating and the landlady doesnt seem interested.

Someone from the housing department is coming today to see if they can help us but I dont hold out much hope for that either. We live in the middle of nowhere and the thought of geting put in a flat in town gets me down.

Sorry to be so negative just wanted to get it off my chest no pun intended.


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  • Hi if it dose you a bit of good talking about it carry on.sorry cant help but hope you get some help some were.i for one dont mind listening...all the best.x

  • Thanks evo x

  • Hi Maxer,

    I sit in front of a log fire we also have a log burner in the hall, it dosn't seem to affect my breathing, nurses and my doctor have seen me sitting in front of an open fire and only say how lucky I am!, in fact if we have the electric heater on in the bedroom during these cold nights I find that over-powering and can cause me to feel breathless. My husband does sweep the chimneys regularly.

    Lib x

  • When I had an exacerbation of my bronchiectasis recently my Doc asked why me and hubby always smell of smoke. The rayburn gves off a lot of smoke and my Docsays I have to leave that environment. When my husband sold a jacket on ebay the buyer contacted us to ask if the jacket had been in a fire because of the smell . We dont notice it any more but our friends say we smell like bonfires. Thanks for the input though Lib x

  • Yes well I can understand your concern then.

    Lib x

  • I have heard of this problem before from bronchiectatics with wood burning stoves. One line of thought is that it is the resin in the wood which causes the problems. Only what I have heard - don't know for sure.


  • Good luck with your application for AA. If you do qualify for it, then any housing application has a much better chance of success too. If you are struggling with stairs you may be able to try for a bungalow. When you see the housing person, remember to tell them exactly what you can't manage yourself - remember too that your husband is also your 'carer' and as such you should be able to get help. Try ringing the BLF if you have no joy - they may be able topoint you in the right direction. Fingers crossed for you ;)

  • Waited in all day for the housing officer who didnt turn up. She phoned at 4ish and said she would come next Wednesday because she had forgotten she was supposed to be seeing me today OMG lol

  • Hi Maxer, I don't know about attendance allowance, but for disability living allowance it doesn't matter if someone does certain tasks for you, like shopping and cooking. It's what you yourself can't do that is the important thing and that's what you should put on the form. For instance, if you were under pensionable age it sounds like you would qualify for at least part of the mobility element. It's worth a try, good luck! Libby

  • When we used Age UK for my father in law's application, they were quite dismissive too, and he was turned down, so instead we got the local "Welfare Officer," from our local council to fill out the forms again, and he got it. When you say personal stuff, what do you mean? My father in law can do things like put his shirt on, but putting his socks on causes him great difficulties, so I would investigate another option for someone who is willing to try their hardest to get you AA. No good having someone filling in the form in they have no belief in it being successful.

  • Thanks everyone for all your good advice. It all helps to keep me focused xx

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