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I have just been to see my lung nurse and picked up a copy of carers news and found this artical on the new changes to ALL benefits from april next year this is the first i have heard of this and i'm currently appealing both esa and dla decissions? it states that anyone aged between 16-65 will be re assesd for pip and there will be no automatic transfer from dla to pip.How much are all these new reforms costing? i bet ATOS cannot wipe the smile of there greedy french faces anyone interested in this there site is- Like i said this is the first i have heard of this and all other benefits are supposed be changing to one single monthly payment UNIVERSAL CREDIT this includes housing benefit,working tax credit,child tax credit esa basically all your benefits will be one? does anyone else know anything about these changes????

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Hi Terence

We have quite alot of information on the forum regarding the changes to the welfare system - PIP and Universal Credit - back in June we ran an online surgery about welfare benefits - this also looked at the changes - the link to this and other forum posts can be accessed below:

As always please call us on 03000 030 555 if we can help.




Sounds like a minefield terence but it will be much simpler. Which has to help the people who are not claiming what they should because they are unaware of what is there.


Hi Terence1, it's all very confusing, not to mention very worrying. I have severe emphysema and am virtually housebound. I was signed off work (after 37 years) permanently four years or so ago and we all know emphysema only gets worse, never better. My lung capacity four years ago was 24% and is definitely less now. So, how come I will now have to be reassessed? Being born between 1950 and 1955, my official retirement age isn't until I'm almost 63. I get higher rate mobility and lower rate care (which is ridiculous as I can do very little for myself) and dread to think what life would be like without it. Because I have to pay to have certain tasks done for me, how on earth would I cope? People say to me I'm worrying unnecessarily and there is no way any sane person could say I'm not entitled and even though I've ready all about the proposed changes it doesn't stop the worry and worry is the last thing we need when we're pretty helpless already. But we know common sense isn't necessarily employed by the decision makers, I know someone far less disabled than me who was awarded the full rate of the care element, yet there is very little she can't, and doesn't, do. I'm even worrying how I would physically get to an assessment as I have only left the house twice this year and not at all since June. We don't all have someone to push us around in our wheelchairs; will the provide someone? Ha ha, this is turning into a rant so I'd better stop before I blow a gasket! Have a look at the link Jo has suggested, it may put your mind at ease. All the best. Libby


hi libby 7827 please dont worry about your pip assesment and how. you will get there ,you just say you need a home viisit .also regards your friend getting the full amount this is why there have to be changes i could write a book on how people lie to get what they think they are owed. One example a father brought his child to school in the morning no walking aid on picking the child up later was walking with two sticks when asked what had he had done the reply was "nothing been to claim mobility and a friend said borrow my sticks" Yes weeks later he informed us he had been awarded mobility My late husband worked as a fraud inspecter and believe me change had to come just get help to fill in the form and im sure you will be ok


Hi Newlands, thanks for your reassuring note. I will try to think more positively. The trouble is, despite my disability and having worked all my life, I still have a feeling of guilt about claiming benefits! Libby


hi libby 7827 do not feel guilty about claiming what you are entitled to ,i feit like that i have lots of things wrong with me and could have claimed years ago ,but hasving said that i have had the full amount for 10years. Please ask for help filling the form B L F will help


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