Joke page required

Joke page required

thought i would start this after reading Caroleoctober's blog.

Yes Jokes are welcome, they where always posted but then we had trouble so the Moderators had to step in , And Bless them ( one and ALL ) they sorted it so now we have a site , where nasty coments, jokes are deleted prior or just after posting

If you want to post a Joke try it , if its rejected then try again.

and No iam not a Moderator just a long Member

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  • We need a good laugh. If anyone dislikes a joke for any reason then I'm sure whoever wrote it would delete it if another member asked.

  • thanks puff but where's your JOKE???

  • I don't mind a bit rude if it's funny. :)

  • does the otherdragon do stand up ?


  • I wish ! :)

  • I think it is difficult to post jokes. I have posted a couple but make very sure that they contain nothing racist or sexist. If I am in doubt I wouldn't post it. Have a few rude ones which I won't post in forum but if anyone wants them in PM let me know.

    Bev x

  • Best way to go Hypercat. x

  • Well so much for that idea then . You cant repost new things on the same post you started , Only comment on what has been put up and HEY NO jokes????

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