A Heartfelt Thankyou to you all

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, who, in your own precious time, have replied to any questions I have asked and posted a response to any blogs i have posted. They have always been very helpful and often comforting in a time of need.

I joined here in May after dad had the 'devastating news' and if it wasn't for this forum I don't know where I would be. I remember once when I too was a target for 'trolls' on here and got really upset. I expressed this and the support I had was overwhelming. Like someone once said on here, these messages have no tone and can be taken in a number of ways. Maybe we need to think the best of a response rather then the worst? Easier said than done I know. For days after, I would often think what the 'troll' said and I could not believe that I, feisty old me, was getting so down about something a stranger had said. It just goes to show that when you are in a vulnerable position or just feeling a bit down, the slightest thing can cause the greatest upset.

So please everyone, lets remember the real reason why we are all here together.........we either have a lung condition or know someone who does and we come on here for support, comfort, have a laugh, be cheered up or just to have a good ole moan!

I am truly thankful to the BLF for this site and even more so for meeting all of you xxx

P.s. Dad said thankyou for all his birthday messages. (With a tear in his eye.)

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  • Thank you for those kind words, tanyamarie. Perhaps we all need to think about what we are about to say. The people on the other end of these blogs are often frightened for themselves or loved ones, or in a vulnerable state. Some people are here to help, some to learn, others for companionship or to while away the time. Most are delicate. I have learned much about COPD over the last couple of years, and I try to pass that on. I am learning more about different aspects of the disease. Telling others about it helps me to deal with it.

    It's nice to get some words of appreciation occasionally.


  • You get appreciation from me, johnwr. You wrote such good information about breathing a little while ago so I printed it. Sadly the print was so small - what should

    I do for larger print.

    I think these trolls get everywhere. I read the blog comments in the Daily Mail, following the news about the news about William and Kate. Awful. However...bye for now

  • Hi annie80,

    To vary the size of the print, first highlight what it is you want to print. Do this with your mouse by holding down the left button and dragging the mouse. release the button and the area should stay highlighted. If the area is wrong, click some where outside the highlighted area, and it should cancel. thaen start again. Once satisfied, move onto the next step. Click 'file' at the top left corner of the screen. Look down the menu for 'Print Preview'. Click on that. You should now get a different screen appear. This should show exactly what your printed sheet would look like. You can alter the size of the print by adjusting the scale. When you are happy, click 'Print'.

    Hope this helps.


  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Well said. tanyamarie. A well balanced comment. For me, I am enjoying you all. It is wise to listen and comment. But not to overact to any subversive remarks that come up which I may have done. I have decided if someone posts a problem or whatever else, if I can help, I will, otherwise keep quiet. And always up for a laugh! Annie80

  • Thanks Tanyamarie. The important thing here I think is support, especially from people who know exactly what we are going through and can empathise, advise or just show love. I have gained a lot from being here and hope I have contributed as well. We can sometimes read something in a different tone to the one it was written in and can sometimes over-react in the heat of the moment. We can feel hurt on behalf of others and jump in to defend them without thinking. Or we can see both sides when a difference of opinion is voiced. And yes, sometimes we are personally upset by what we read. The advice to ignore and report upsetting remarks is very hard to take........but still the right advice. Love to your family. xx

  • well said young lady...

  • A great post. My view is to consider what has been written by someone. Was it really meant in a nasty way. If so, report and ignore.

    Also, consider what we write carefully before pressing the submit button.

    Not foolproof, I know, but it helps.

    Lynne xxx

  • Lovely tanyamarie, brought a tear to my eye. I find this site amazing and the people on it even more so. I have personally gained a lot of comfort and knowledge and no longer feel alone. Never mind the negativity, let us all pull together and hope for a really good year next year. Thinking of you all and especially you and your wonderful family tanyamarie. Take care, stay well and have as great a Christmas as you possibly can. sassy59 xxxxxxxx

  • perfectly put, Tanyamarie. Let this and all seasons celebrate people of goodwill, like you. And yes, by taking the innocent view, we take the 'power of nasty' away and also don't take things as personally. x

  • Very well put. I enjoy your posts partly because they mirror my experience with my Dad. Although he's no longer here, I still get support from reading the blogs and on occasion still might have a useful bit of info to contribute. If I see a comment that might be from a troll, I remind myself what I'd tell my kids - that comment was made to get a reaction - so don't give it one. The troll (or bully as I like to think of them) will get bored and move on.

  • And PS tanyamarie, I'm doing ok : )

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