Does anyone have Lenor and Febreze allergy symptoms?

I have COPD and asthma. The smell from these Proctor and Gamble conditioner products exacerbates my breathing problems and can bring on a prolonged fit of coughing. It has got worse since they have been advertised as prolonging the "fresh" smell of laundry. I dread getting near anyone who uses these.

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Have to say I stay away from Proctor and Gamble products and the same thing happens to me. I bought some bio detergent (as per makers instructions) to clean my washing machine - it was Ariel - I spent days trying to get rid of the smell.

By the way for laundry products I use Surcare as it's not so overpowering.

I have the same reaction to Fabreze - it can leave me gasping for breath if I get a strong whiff without warning.

Hi Jemma and Auntymary. I wonder if the BLF could take this up with Proctor and Gamble? I think it is serious enough for them to do so.

Yes, it's the same for me. I use the bio-wash balls with a tablespoon of soda crystals and don't bother with fabric softener at all. Saves a lot of money too!

when I first read your question ,I thought you were suffering from those two things you mentioned...silly me !!

No not silly - my first reaction the same until I saw an advert on the extolling their wonderful long lasting perfume!

Although I dont have problems with the smells of those products - just find the smells horrid - i avoid them and most other household products cos of the chemicals which have to be bad for our lungs even if we don't react to them. I use Ecover which is meant to be more ecological and the ingredients are less toxic. You can get old fashioned vinegar cleaning stuff too which works well on surfaces - smells strong but doesnt have anything bad in it, is antisceptic and deals with limescale for those who live in hard water areas. (but not good in your washing or you'd smell like chips!)


Hi Whatnow, I had an incident a few weeks ago when I very suddenly became very breathless. My son said he thought it was the Flash with Febreze that my new lovely household help had used, but I thought not as my son had used it many times before and it hadn't noticeably bothered me. He pointed out that she may have used a larger amount. After reading these posts, I definitely won't be getting it again! I don't know why we even bother with all this perfumed stuff, it has no function whatsoever. It makes you wonder what damage it does to healthy people with prolonged use? As they are a relatively new "invention", has any research been done into their effects on the lungs? Libby x

Allergy UK have asked Proctor & Gamble but their predictable answer is "no-one else has complained" or words to that effect. They insist the products have been fully tested. I guess as long as it is profitable then the marketing will continue. I now use Fairy tablets and Ecover - and just hope the manufacturers will resist adding "fresh" chemicals.

Thanks for letting me know. Having always had sensitive skin, I've never used bio products or anything perfumed in the washing machine, but you don't think to question things that aren't actually touching you! I'm going to contact P&G myself, to tell them and then they won't be able to say no-one has complained!

Interestingly when my tech chap called to service my concentrator he went through a check list with me which among the ususal of not cooking with 02, no smoking near etc also included not using - hair sprays, cleaning sprays, spray deodorants etc. Admottedly this is all for 02 users but it makes sense for the rest of us.

I have not used sprays for years now and insist my cleaners use wipes; not mixing cleaning liquids eg bleach and disinfectants. I also use a pump action hair spray Naked which has none of the breath catching smells to it at all.

Perhaps we should be lobbying the supermarkets for things like this to be placed in the "free-from" aisle??


Totally different product but plug in air fresheners and those air fresheners people hang in cars really affect me.

Lynne xx

Air fresheners, a lot of cleaning products and smelly candles affect me.

What makes it worse is i work in a shop which sells this stuff I try to avoid them as much as i can,but i do cough a lot more in work.

Wish i never had to work there ,but jobs are hard to find.

I did write to Procter and Gamble last August asking them how I could get rid of the Ariel Bio smell from my washing machine and I did have a little moan - they sent me a £15 gift voucher BUT it was only redeemable against P & G products!!!!

Next I wrote to my washing machine manufacturers, Miele, to see if they could help me and they kindly sent me free of charge their own washing machine cleaner which did the trick so it proves that it isn't necessary to have these nasty chemical smells to clean stuff.

Hey what now. I know what you mean. I have ILD and I try to tell my husband that I cant handle those smells. The animals scratching them selves. My husband going a using spraying deodorants and I start coughing and wheezing. Woman with perfume on. dust. Even the cats hair. I am about to go through my house and toss all that out. People just don't understand unless they are going through it them selves Good luck sweetie I am wheezing myself this morning,

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