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Dirty Weekend!

Boy have I got down and filthy dirty this weekend, and loved every single minute of it! Saturday morning was spent helping hubby cut up and bag the lopped part of my Cherry Tree. Hubby who normally does so much is still experiencing almost total role reversal, and I am loving it, whilst from time to time silly bugger feels guilty!

Afternoon was spent scrubbing kitchen and hall floor on my knees and washing paintwork. Plus fitting in a bathroom clean, bed change, total hoover through out flat, complete turf out of storage cupboard, where I decided that all the winter coats needed a session in the washing machine, which is where my domestic goddess role went completely tits up! Silly ole me added my lovely Marks and Spencer scarf to the mix, and what should have come out as one beige, one black, and one green fleece, one purple scarf, came out with one very thread bare purple scarf and three fleeces plastered in purple fluff! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Spent the next hour with clothes brush, and husband modelling very fluffy fleeces defuzzing them. The damn fibres got everywhere, and the flat had to be hoovered. Then somehow during this process my rather expensive flooring in the hall way got snagged, and husband and I got down on our hands and knees with some super glue to do some quick repairs. He poured a wee bit too much out, and one had to rescue both him from a visit to A & E (he had it on his fingers), quickly wiped his fingers and floor with wet wipes, and some how managed to get purple fluff stuck to it with super glue. Thankfully domestic goddess that I am lol sorted floor, and her man out and peace was restored to its normal location somewhere else, what you expected my household to be normal and peaceful?

No way, hubby went back to yelling at his laptop, he is also doing a degree, and his lovely shiny new laptop isn't playing ball. Me thinks that someone should stop being so tight and go out and buy new software, but hey I am only a woman who knows how to shop online, not install software so what do I know? So the domestic goddess returned to finishing the dishes, and then made plans to clean the outside kitchen drain. No I don't mind sticking my hands down drains, where and when possible I like to be self sufficient, and so some rather smelly leaves that had come down the drain pipe were removed!

So for those of you who read the last blog, hubby's drawer isn't overloaded with socks, but I promise apart from the pair he wore today, all are washed and drying as I type.

Yep my visit to RBH is still paying off, and domestic goddess is not quite what I truly am, the thought horrifies me, but it is so nice to be on top of everything. Today has been slightly quieter Lottie and I volunteered for the RSPCA collecting monies, and tonight I am super happy after spending an evening snuggling on the sofa with Lottie dog and watching an entire series of BBC's Supersized Earth. I have just downloaded my marked TMA for my latest course and scored really well for a first essay on a subject I have no prior knowledge of. I was three weeks behind with it, seriously stressed out last week over it, still working on it at 10 pm Friday night, and cannot believe I have passed. Now have had my motivation restored to plough on with playing serious catch up. So off to bed, because after some phototherapy and unofficial role of pet therapist tomorrow, got loads to do again.

So has Bugs Bunny used to say, "That's all folks!"

Hugs Daxiemad and Lottie Dog

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Wow Daxie all that sounds exhausting! Its a good feeling though to get that tired through honest hard work though isn't it? Its very satisfying.

You sound really busy and happy at moment and fit. Long may it continue...

Carry on carrying on :)

Bev x


Started my day with a smile THANK YOU! You forget to mention when you stopped to breathe and eat though xxx


Well done Daxiemad. And congratulations for passing. x


Dats mad Daxiemad but brilliant


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