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Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad made it, he celebrated his 66th birthday today, yippeeeeeeeee!

We all went down my mam and dads this afternoon for a tea party and we had a lovely time. Tinged with sadness now and then and I had to swallow back the tears, mam too. We were determined to be happy and happy we were. Good food, good company, just mam and dad and me and my brother and the grandchildren.

Happy Birthday to the best dad in the world, love you big time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Happy Birthday Tanyamarie's dad! Glad you all had a good day. Auntymary xx

Glad you had such a wonderful day together to celebrate you're Dad's birthday.

Love XXX

How lovely tanyamarie, wish your dad Happy Birthday from Clive and me. xx

Hi Tanymarie

snap l am 66 tomorrow wish your dad all the best keep him warm this week a cold one is on it's way

I was 66 this year too it must have been a good year. So pleased you had a nice time with your dad and continue to make good strong memories xxx

It sounds as though you guy's had a day to remember. I hope you have an equally great Christmas.

Aww thats lovely. Happy birthday to your dad and lets hope he has many more to come.

Bev xx

I'm pleased for you all. Have a good Christmas too. x x

A belated "Happy Birthday" to your Dad. 1946 is a good vintage - I was 66 in Nov. Keep strong, Tanyamarie,x

Happy birthday to your dad and i am so happy for you all .

What a lovely post and so good to read that your dad and all of you together had a lovely time. Have a good Christmas too. xxxx

Pleased you had a nice birthday party,now enjoy your christmas together.

Richard Cornish

Happy Birthday to your Dad! Glad you all had a great day. :) XXX

What a marvellous get together for you family I bet your Dad was so proud of all of you. Set your targets and if your Dad reaches them CELEBRATE. I have wonderful wife wonderful daughter wonderful son and 4 grandchildren, 1 girl and 3 big brawny boys and they would shift heaven and earth for me. Your Dad and I are blessed.

I am happy that you had such a good day xxxxx

Congrats to your dad on attaining 66. I'm looking forward to my 67th in September.

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