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Bipap machine insurance for xmas visit


We're having my partner's Mum stay with us from Christmas eve until the 27th. She's currently in hospital and needs to use a Bipap machine every night. The hospital have given us a letter stating that the machine is on loan and if it gets lost damaged or stolen, she will be liable for replacing it at a cost of £5000.

I've looked for a company that will provide insurance for a single medical item up to this value but so far haven't found one. I was wondering if anyone here has insured their medical kit, and what insurers provide such cover?


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Hello Tia :)

I'm a BiPap machine user and would suggest that you ring your own insurance company (buildings & contents) and explain the situation to them. There is no reason why they shouldn't offer cover for the machine during your mum's visit, but there may be a small additional charge for it :)

Good luck ! and have a lovely Christmas with your mum.

Whenever I have had items on loan I have just informed my insurance company and they have covered them under my existing policy without any extra charge. However, I did not take anything elsewhere. I think elian's suggestion is very helpful.

Ok, I'll ring the insurance tomorrow. Long term she will need to get her own insurance once she's out of hospital, but we don't know when that will be. It is an NHS hospital, I guess their insurance only covers in the hospital.

I've been using a bipap machine supplied by an nhs hospital for 4 years now. It's travelled all round the UK with us in our motorhome and once over to Spain and Portugal. My small portable oxygen concentrator is insured under the household policy because it's mine, but insuring the bipap never crossed my mind. I suppose we assumed as it was the property of the hospital, and only loaned to me, they would be responsible for the insurance. I'm pretty sure we were never given a formal letter like the one you mention.

Perhaps I'm being a bit naive here, but, while there is a duty of care as with any loaned item, I don't see why the patient should be responsible for insuring this kind of medical equipment.

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